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Send us your photos - Photo Upload Rules

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    1. You may only contribute pictures in JPG format that have been taken by yourself.
    2. We will not accept blurry, out of focus, over/underexposed or poorly edited pics.
    3. Either the vertical or horizontal dimension of the image must have at least 1000 pixels, format 3:2, 4:3 or 16:9 is required.
    4. The system will add a banner stating your copyright on the bottom of the pic.
    5. We will confirm approval or rejection of your photo submissions within 3 days by email.
    6. The filesize must not exceed 2.0 MB
    7. Depending on your current acceptance rate you may upload between 2 and 15 pictures at a time.
    8. By choosing to participate you grant us the right to publish your pictures at least for 36 months on the site.
    9. Before you upload your first picture to the database read this helpfull text! Help page
    10. Do not insert any webadresses / camerainfos anywhere! Such pictures will be rejected!
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