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D-ABJC c/n 25272. Landing rwy 32 while performing touch & goes. (more of D-ABJC)
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9H-UME c/n 0122. ex I-3060. Landing rwy 24 after a test flight. (more of 9H-UME)
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HA-LKA 24911/2033 Seen at Park 2 after maintenance by Lufthansa Technik (Malta). (more of HA-LKA)
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G-UKTH c/n 20277. Seen landing from the Spottersite 06-24. (more of G-UKTH)
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LZ-CAX Seen from Park 1 being towed for Park 2. (more of LZ-CAX)
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PH-HZF c/n: 28378/291. Seen from the spotters wall at sunset. (more of PH-HZF)
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D-ISSS c/n: 500-0392. Ex. reg: I-FLYB. (more of D-ISSS)
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F-WWMU A unique photo on internet, of this composite light aircraft taken during the Paris Air Show 2003. * 1st time on! (more of F-WWMU)
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PH-MCE c/n: 23652/669. 'Prins Van Oranje' seen from the Spottersite 06-24 while taxying to cross rwy 06-24 for departure. (more of PH-MCE)
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G-RCEJ c/n: 258021. Take-off from rwy 32 at sunset. * 1st action shot of this aircraft on! (more of G-RCEJ)
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D-AIRR c/n: 567; delivered to Lufthansa 26-Jan-1996. Entered Lufthansa Technik Malta hangar, for C Check. The "C" check is the most thorough type of maintenance work were the airframe, virtually the entire aircraft, goes through an exhaustive series of checks and inspections and overhaul work. There are 2 different levels of "C" checks depending on the type of aircraft:- Narrowbody and Widebody "C" Checks. (more of D-AIRR)
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ZS-LTE c/n: BB-607. Seen entering rwy 32 via taxiway 'C' for departure to Algeria, after exiting NCA/Medavia facility few minutes before. It entered for a short maintenance on 24-June-2003. The two hangars of the facility are visible in this photo. (more of ZS-LTE)
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9H-AEA c/n 34-7970193. ex HB-LKT and N2135Y. Seen holding on taxiway 'K', departed from rwy 24 intersection few minutes later behind 9H-AEB. (more of 9H-AEA)
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HA-LKA c/n: 24911/2033. Seen from the spotters wall, on take-off from rwy 32 in a very sunny afternoon. (more of HA-LKA)
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D-EECO c/n D-9929. Doing a precision landing on rwy 24, vacated to Park 4. Participating in the International Air Rally of Malta. The rally is an annual event were light aircraft pilots from around the world fly into Malta and participate in flying competitions. (more of D-EECO)
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D-ABOJ c/n: 29019. Seen taxying at Park 9 after landing rwy 32. * 1st appearance in Malta. (more of D-ABOJ)
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I-SYNT c/n 34-7970258. Seen at the general aviation - Park 1, this aircraft is based in Genova. (more of I-SYNT)
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ZS-ORV Seen crossing Safi road to enter Medavia facility for maintenance. (more of ZS-ORV)
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5Y-FBA Ex. reg: ZS-KYX. Seen at Park 1 soon after landing at sunset. On 27-Apr-2003 an aircraft starting with the same prefix (Cessna 404 Titan 5Y-DOC) landed in Malta for refueling as it was on delivery aswell. AMREF - African Medical and Research Foundation's mission, in partnership with communities, governments and donors, is to improve health care for the underserved in Africa, through service delivery, training and research. (more of 5Y-FBA)
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ZS-LTE Seen while entering Medavia hangar for maintenance. * 1st time on (more of ZS-LTE)
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N263WL Ex. Israeli Air Force. Seen at Park 4 during the Malta International Airshow 2001. On 10-May-2003, this aircraft was destroyed when it impacted the Great Salt Lake following a loss of engine power failure near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA while flying to Hill Air Force Base. Ex-U.S. Navy pilot Philip "Steve" Kenny ejected but was fatally injured when his parachute apparently did not deploy. NTSB Identification Report: DEN03TA079 (more of N263WL)
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N123XX Coming low on final rwy 32 due to gust wind, during the aircraft departures day of Malta International Airshow 2002. (more of N123XX)
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I-DIES c/n 30. Seen at Park 9 early in the morning, departed rwy 32 few minutes later. (more of I-DIES)
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5A-DOB LibyanAF515. Seen here from the 'Spotters wall' during its impressive take-off from rwy 32, with the undercarriage already retracted on departure to Tripoli. (more of 5A-DOB)
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N72140 (cn 337-01527) Seen at Park 1 in the afternoon. Leased for the Summer period (tuna spotting). (more of N72140)