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UK-31002 Uzbekistan opened between Narita and Tashkent route from 2003. (more of UK-31002)
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VH-OJK An early bird at Narita. Narita Airport observation area opened at 7:00 am until SEP.1. But almost Qantas Boeing 747-400s arrived on time at 6:40 am or before. So I couldn't take photo it at taxing. (more of VH-OJK)
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9M-MPE This day Real Madrid Club de Futbol visited Japan. At the section between Beijing and Narita on this tour, they used Malaysia Airlines Boeing 747-400. It added 'OFFICIAL AIRLINE REAL MADRID ASIA TOUR' title on the fuselage. (more of 9M-MPE)
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JA8907 weared special marking 'Hideki Matsui'. He is a Japanese Major League Baseball player belongs to New York Yankees from 2003. And he became JAL's image character from 2003. At this time JAL grops start campaign with Matsui, they introduce special marking aircraft named 'Matsui Jet'. (more of JA8907)
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G-VFOX visited Narita. I took this photo from observation area when it just landed at A-runway. But it was possible to see clearly with wearing 'BA CAN'T KEEP IT (CONCORDE) UP!' title. (more of G-VFOX)
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HS-TYQ Thailand Air Force Airbus A310 visited Narita. I don't know why it came to Japan, but it visited at the same time of the 22nd World Gas Conference Tokyo 2003. (more of HS-TYQ)
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G-GSSA Global Supply Systems Boeing 747-400F first visited Narita. It used for BA's cargo chartered flight for some purpose. BA doesn't have regular cargo fright for Narita. (more of G-GSSA)
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PH-BFL first visited Narita after repainting, but already painted under fuselage from silver to white for completely KLM's new color scheme. It's not easy to catch up with the latest topic of European Airliners at Narita. (more of PH-BFL)
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JA8253 JAL's new color 'The Arc of the Sun' got first special marking. It added official characters of 'EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN'. (more of JA8253)
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HL7242 At last I took photo of Korean Air special livery 'Harbi' at my homebase Narita. Many Korean Air Airbus A300 fright for Japan replaced to A330 or B737 slowly, so I was relieved I could take photo it at Narita. (more of HL7242)
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JA8472 JAS's special livery 'Friendly Bird' was out of services. Removed a part of colorful paint and JAS logo on tail fin. (more of JA8472)
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ZK-NCG 'Lord of the Rings' Boeing 767 first viewed at Narita. I knew about 40 photografers took photos when it first visited for Japan at JAN,23,2003 for Nagoya. At that time, none upload photos. So this is first photo from Japan. (more of ZK-NCG)
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N77014 A beautiful visitor for NARITA. I took this photo from a park beside runway 16 right. Lots of people in park look admiringly at it. (more of N77014)
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PH-BFW Departed from runway 34 left. What do KLM do with SWAN sticker on their new color? (more of PH-BFW)
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N661US Before today's final leg, short stay in NARITA's spot 26. I saw this aircraft until moving from spot. I was disappointed Northwest sometimes didn't switch on their logo light. (more of N661US)
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N583FE Fedex Panda Express first visited Narita Airport. I am glad to upload such a fine days photo to all. Thanks for Fedex to choosing Sunday afternoon fright, many people took photos. (more of N583FE)
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N661US new color first visited Narita. This is my 2nd experience of Northwest changing to new color. I was surprised Northwest choices their color is cool and good senses. (note on aircraft - N661US c/n 23719/696, del 8 Dec 1989. NW was launch customer for 747-400.) (more of N661US)
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C-FYLD This day flight AC1 for Toronto delayed about 12 hours. It was not easy to see this scene at NARITA that AIR CANADA departed at morning. (more of C-FYLD)
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N308UP UPS's new color first visited NARITA on a rainy day. Operated for a regular service from Anchorage. (more of N308UP)
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JA8544 JALways DC10 painted new JAL style color scheme. But still remain 'Reso'cha' title and colorful flowers and birds. (more of JA8544)
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PH-BFK KLM's new color first visited NARITA! Can you believe that NARITA enthusiasts have been waited for it about 3 months from appearing new color. (more of PH-BFK)
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JA708A ANA Boeing 777 added 'INDY JAPAN' sticker on the fuselage. I don't know any relation between ANA and 'INDY JAPAN'. But it's true that 'INDY JAPAN' car race will hold at MOTEGI Japan on April 13. (more of JA708A)
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JA8191 NCA Boeing 747F added 'INDY JAPAN' sticker on the fuselage. (more of JA8191)
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D-ABTH Lufthansa new Star Alliance logojet first visited. NARITA enthusiasts had only one chance that Lufthansa Airbus A340 Star Alliance logojet 'D-AIBA' visited to NARITA. So we hope new Star Alliance logojet visit to NARITA again and again. (more of D-ABTH)
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99-0004 visited HANEDA to transport U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell. (more of 99-0004)