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N888VT This View Top B.727-76 brought the US actress and singer Pia Zadora to Düsseldorf for concert. The aircraft originally was built for Ansett AL and deliverd in 1970 as VH-TJF. (more of N888VT)
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TZ-ADR This B.727-173QC, built in 1967, is seen here at Charles de Gaulle airport with its radar nose painted in the colours of her former owner World AW. In 1984 she was sold to Fedex as N199FE and today she is preserved at the Kansas Aviation Museum at Wichita. (more of TZ-ADR)
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TZ-ADS Aircraft leased from Air Mali in 1983 and photographed at Lohausen on one of the numerous visits of Corse Air to the international exhibitions and fairs at Düsseldorf. On November, 5th in 1995 this particular Caravelle operated its last flight with a fake Colombian registration, hauling a load of cocaine from Colombia to Mexico. The Mexican authorities destroyed the plane in the same month. (more of TZ-ADS)
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HB-ICI Another visit of a CTA Super Caravelle to one of the numerous international exhibitions at Düsseldorf. Note the additional yellow stripe below the red one. (more of HB-ICI)
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HB-ICO SATA - SA de Transport Aerien Geneve was renamed into CTA in 1979 and only four Caravelles, the fifth was lost during a failed landing attempt at Funchal in December 1977, were operated. (more of HB-ICO)
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HB-ICN Only few charter flights, coming in for the numerous international fairs and exhibitions in Düsseldorf, make a night stop like this Super Caravelle. SATA.operated a fleet of five Caravelles and three DC-8´s in the late ´70s. (more of HB-ICN)
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D-ADSO Another hybrid Lufthansa colourscheme worn by this DC-10, leased in ´88/´89 from subsidiary Condor. Seen here on a Condor flight at Son San Juan airport. ´Sierra Oscar´ was sold to Omni Air Int`l in 2000 as N720AX. (more of D-ADSO)
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HB-IDS "Ville de Lausanne" is leaving Lohausen after a nightstop on one of the several Air India Cargo flights operated by chartered airliners into DUS from 1976 onwards.. HB-IDS spent most of her life operating cargo flights, also for Trans International and Transamerica AL, Flying Tigers and after conversion to DC-8-73CF standard for UPS. (more of HB-IDS)
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HB-IEN The first of total two CL-44´s of this small Swiss cargo airline, the other was registered HB-IEO, at Lohausen after an Air India Cargo flight. From August 1975 until spring 1982 Air India operated more than 350 cargo flights with chartered aircrafts into Düsseldorf. (more of HB-IEN)
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HB-IHC "Obwalden", the former ´Luzern`in new colours at Lohausen, an upgrade of the normal DC-9-51 service. (more of HB-IHC)
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HB-IHC Tail section of "Luzern" showing the typical no.3 engine installation/cowling of the General Electric CF-6-50, fitted to all DC-10-10 and -30 series. (more of HB-IHC)
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HB-IHC "Luzern" in old Swissair colours seconds before reaching her parking position at Cointrin AP. ´Hotel-Charly` was delivered new to SR on September, 10th in 1973 and was sold to Northwest Airlines eighteen years later as N220NW. (more of HB-IHC)
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HB-IHH "Basel-Stadt" taxies to its parking position on a cold winter morning. To the right one of her thirteen sisters is visible already in the new colours. (more of HB-IHH)
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HB-IDI "Solothurn" on her way back to Zurich. In the 70´s and early 80´s the DC-8-62s of Swissair were a frequent upgrade to the regular DC-9-32s, which usualy operated the services from Düsseldorf to Zurich and Geneva. (more of HB-IDI)
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HB-IDL "Aargau" taxies to her gate position with a B.727-100 of Hapag Lloyd in the background. n 1984 HB-IDL was sold to Capitol as N924CL and from 1986 she was operated by Airborne as ´parcel-express` N802AX. (more of HB-IDL)
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HB-IGB "Zürich" leaves her gate at Rhein-Main after a rerouting of her regular service JFK-GVA-ZRH. After thirteen years of operations for Swissair she served also for Egypt Air, TWA and at least Saudia, which leased the aircraft from Atlanta Icelandic. (more of HB-IGB)
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HB-IDF "Schwyz" is seen here after a late evening arrival before a scheduled nightstop at Rhein-Main. Other operators were Nationair of Canada and after conversion to DC-8-62F standard Buffalo Air Cargo, Cargo Lion and Silkway. (more of HB-IDF)
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D-ACBA Only for a few weeks this B.737-505, leased from Braathens SAFE, carried Lufthansa Express titles. Together with her sistership D-ACBB, they were the first B.737-500s flying in Lufthansa c/s prior the delivery of Lufthansa`s first own series -500 in December 1990. (more of D-ACBA)
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D-ADAO ´ Düsseldorf `, the first DC-10 of Lufthansa, taxies to runway 06 ( today 05R ) on her way to JFK as LH408 . With the delivery of the new ´ Düsseldorf ` D-ABZA, a B.747-200Combi on June, 28th 1985, her name changed to ´ Leverkusen `. In October 2005 she visited Lohausen again, by this time in service with Gemini Air Cargo as ´ Bill `, registered N601GC. (more of D-ADAO)
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D-ADHO Former " Hannover " leaves her gate for another flight to Toronto, wearing the ´new` colourscheme only for a short time in her Lufthansa career. All DC-10s of Lufthansa had been retired by October 1994. In the background D-ABYJ is prepared for the next flight to Tokio and Osaka via Anchorage. (more of D-ADHO)
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D-ABFT Another unsual Lufthansa colourscheme, a grey underside instead of silver or metal on this B.737-200, leased for 8 months in 1988 from subsidiary Condor. (more of D-ABFT)
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YU-AKL This JAT- Boeing 727-200adv.had been leased together with sistership YU-AKK from May 1983 until June 1986 to Air Afrique. She is seen here at Lohausen with additional sticker "Universiade ´87"- Official Carrier/Zagreb Yugoslavia (World University Games), operating a flight for JAT/Jugair. (more of YU-AKL)
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D-ABWF In the winterseason `90/`91 Lufthansa leased this B.737-300 for four months from its subsidiary Condor . This particular aircraft was converted to -300QC standard in 1993, also operated by Lufthansa, but this time in the standard c/s. Today she is in service with Yangtze River Express. (more of D-ABWF)
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D-ABHX Another experimental c/s worn for one year by this B.737-200 leased from subsidiary Condor in `82/`83. Other operators of this aircraft were Air Portugal, Ryanair and Adam Air (Indonesia). (more of D-ABHX)
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7T-VEW "Monts de Tlemcen" just airborne at Orly on a sunny summer evening. 7T-VEW was operated over 20 years by Air Algerie since delivered new in 1981. (more of 7T-VEW)