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G-AVZZ Another ´special performance` B.707 series -138B, originally ordered and buildt for Qantas, seen here at Lohausen flying for Int´l Caribbean AW. Aircraft was owned and operated by Laker Airways from February 1969 until December 1978., and she is seen here at Lohausen taxying for departure to Barbados. In July 1983 G-AVZZ was scrapped at Paris, Le Bourget. (more of G-AVZZ)
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C-FPWV This 707 was the first jet aeroplane on the Australian Register in 1959 and Qantas first B.707 registered as VH-EBA. This series -138B is a special performance B.707, designed with a shorter fuselage and more range than other B.707-120Bs. Today it is preversed at the Qantas Founders Outback Museum in Longreach, Australia as VH-XBA. Two other B.707-138Bs, which servived in flying condition, are N707JT of John Travolta and 9Q-CLK, the presidential aircraft of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (more of C-FPWV)
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N4502R "Huge Viking" uploaded for departure at Gate B54 at Lohausen on a sunny spring evening. SAS frequently upgraded the regular DC-9-41 service to Copenhagen with DC-8´s and their widebodies A.300, DC-10 and B.747, specially during the DRUPA exhibitions. (more of N4502R)
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N4502R " Huge Viking " waiting for take-off clearance for departure to Copenhagen. N4502R has been operated also in the colours of Scanair, Nigeria AW and Philippine AL, from 02/1989 as EI-BZA. Last operator was Tower Air, registered as N622FF in 1998. During 2001 the aircraft was parted out and scrapped at JFK. (more of N4502R)
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OY-KHA "Ivar Viking" is leaving Lohausen after a non-scheduled catering stopover due to a strike of SAS-Catering in Scandinavia. OY-KHA is seen here taxying via the crosswind runway 16/34 (length 1.810 m), by this time also available for take-offs and landings, to runway 06/24 for departure to New York JFK. On the left LN-RNA is visible, minutes before his departure to Chicago. (more of OY-KHA)
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OY-KHA "Ivar Viking" with brother "Magnus Viking" on a catering stopover at Lohausen. In spring 1978 the whole catering division of SAS at Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm was on strike for several days. SAS-catering at DUS was the biggest station outside Scandinavia, providing all SAS- and LTU-flights at Düsseldorf. On this photo you can well compare the different upper deck window configuration of that first generation Boeing 747´s. (more of OY-KHA)
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TC-JFB This non-advanced Boeing 727-264 was bought from Mexicana and she is showing a strengthend upper fuselage ( over title BOG.. ), needed for rocket propulsion units and booster modifications for the high altitude take offs in Mexiko. (more of TC-JFB)
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LN-RNA "Magnus Viking" on his way via crosswind runway 16/34 to runway 06/24 for take-off to Chicago. This Boeing 747-283 Combi crashed on approach to Madrid, Spain, on November, 27th 1983 while under lease by Avianca as HK-2910X. (more of LN-RNA)
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TC-JBR "Afyon" aproaching its parking position at Terminal B. This aircraft crashed short of the runway in fog, snow and poor visibility at Ankara's Esenboga Airport on January, 16th in 1983. (more of TC-JBR)
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TC-JCY "Coruh" just leaving Terminal C at Lohausen on a clear winter day. This aircraft was delivered to Turkish Airlines on 15th June 1988. Today, 27 years later, she is still in service as a freighter for Turkish AL Cargo. (more of TC-JCY)
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TC-JAY Former "Izmir" in the colours of Turkish AL subsidiary Bogazici. A total of six aircraft, two Boeing 727-200, two Boeing 707-320C and two DC-10-10 were operated by this company from 1988 until 1990. (more of TC-JAY)
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TQ-JFA Misspainted registration on her first visit at Lohausen in summer 1988. Together with sistership TC-JFB this aircraft was bought from Mexicana. (more of TQ-JFA)
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TC-JBP "Seyhan" taxies to her parking position, which was located in front of the old terminal at Lohausen. This B.707, a series -138B ordered by Qantas and buildt as a ´special performance B.707` with a shorter fuselage and equiped with more range as the common -120B series, saw also service with Air Commerz in the early 70´s, El Al Israel AL in 1978 and at least Bouraq Indonesian AL. Today only two B.707-138Bs are still flying, John Travolta´s N707JT and the presidential aircraft of the Democratic Republic of the Congo 9Q-CLK. (more of TC-JBP)
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TC-JAY "Izmir" carried this colourscheme from delivery in 1973, although in the first years with silver bottom, until her lease to Bogazici AT in 1987. TC-JAY was sold to FedEx as N68059, converted to DC-10-10F freighter standard in 1991, named "Mary Rea" and undergoing MDF modification at Naples during 2008. Today she is stored at Victorville, California. (more of TC-JAY)
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HS-TGX "Srisuriyothai" is taxying at Don Muang with an interesting scenery of DC-3´s, DC-6, DC-7, Convair, Carvair and Caravelle in the background. Other operators of this Super Sixty were Sterling AW and Scanair as OY-SBK, Trans Ocean AW and Burlington Air Express as N794AL. Sadly, she crashed 15th February 1992 at Swanton Ohio. (more of HS-TGX)
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HS-TAC "Sri Ayutthaya" shortly before leaving Lohausen via runway 06 direction Bangkok. In 1988 some flights were operated with A300B4-600s due to the maintenance of Thai´s DC-10-30s. (more of HS-TAC)
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HB-IWK "Fribourg" taxies in at Lohausen only a few weeks after the delivery to Swissair. Today she still serves as MD-11F for UPS as N289UP. (more of HB-IWK)
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N7201U The first Boeing 720 produced, originally ordered and operated by United Airlines, here used by musician Gary Wright and Peter Frampton during their 1976 tour. Owner of the aircraft was Mc Culloch International, a leasing company, and many other musicians chartered this plane, so Deep Purple, Olivia Newton-John and Elton John. (more of N7201U)
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HS-TMB In the late 80´s Thai International operated a service on Tuesdays and Fridays from Lohausen to Bangkok."Thepalai" is seen here after pusback from its gate position at Terminal B. (more of HS-TMB)
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N888VT This View Top B.727-76 brought the US actress and singer Pia Zadora to Düsseldorf for concert. The aircraft originally was built for Ansett AL and deliverd in 1970 as VH-TJF. (more of N888VT)
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TZ-ADR This B.727-173QC, built in 1967, is seen here at Charles de Gaulle airport with its radar nose painted in the colours of her former owner World AW. In 1984 she was sold to Fedex as N199FE and today she is preserved at the Kansas Aviation Museum at Wichita. (more of TZ-ADR)
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TZ-ADS Aircraft leased from Air Mali in 1983 and photographed at Lohausen on one of the numerous visits of Corse Air to the international exhibitions and fairs at Düsseldorf. On November, 5th in 1995 this particular Caravelle operated its last flight with a fake Colombian registration, hauling a load of cocaine from Colombia to Mexico. The Mexican authorities destroyed the plane in the same month. (more of TZ-ADS)
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HB-ICI Another visit of a CTA Super Caravelle to one of the numerous international exhibitions at Düsseldorf. Note the additional yellow stripe below the red one. (more of HB-ICI)
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HB-ICO SATA - SA de Transport Aerien Geneve was renamed into CTA in 1979 and only four Caravelles, the fifth was lost during a failed landing attempt at Funchal in December 1977, were operated. (more of HB-ICO)
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HB-ICN Only few charter flights, coming in for the numerous international fairs and exhibitions in Düsseldorf, make a night stop like this Super Caravelle. SATA.operated a fleet of five Caravelles and three DC-8´s in the late ´70s. (more of HB-ICN)