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N690AA Busy LAX, two American special colours [Nikon D3] (more of N690AA)
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N57862 About to land at IAH with a fellow CO B753 on the parallel [Nikon D3] (more of N57862)
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HL7574 There is a very large Korean community in Los Angeles, supported by lots of widebody flights between the two countries every day. Korean Air has at least 4 daily flights...here are two of them! [Nikon D3] (more of HL7574)
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N222UA The first true United B777-200 painted into the new corporate colours. The other aircraft so far painted have been ex-CO birds. Seen here on the way to the gate at LAX in the morning. Get used to it, and say goodbye (eventually) to the blue tulip [Nikon D3] (more of N222UA)
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N57862 Departure from LAX for IAH. You can see a KLM B744 turning off the Northern runway and a US Airways A320 on the left that had departed at the same time [Nikon D3 (more of N57862)
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Lots of different QF jets taking a rest at LAX [Nikon D3]
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N750AT Sometimes, just sometimes you get a moment where everything comes together....and you better be ready! How many windows can you count? [Nikon D3] (more of N750AT)
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N744SK Shortly after departure from LAX and a sweeping view of Los Angeles [Nikon D3] (more of N744SK)
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B-HLL You rarely get a condensation show at Changi.....but this CX A333, which looks in serious need a of clean, decided to put one on! [Nikon D200] (more of B-HLL)
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JA8542 In the days before airbridges, the only way to deplane was via stairs. Airbridges became necessary as commercial avation introduced widebody aircraft. Kai Tak, with limited space for development, was caught in a time warp, as widebodies became the norm yet there was no space for development. So, when you arrived in Hong Kong, you had to walk down the stairs, and wait to be bussed to the terminal. Pictured here is a JAL DC-10 that had just arrived from NRT [Fuji Velvia Slide] (more of JA8542)
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N415UA When you fly, LAX-DEN, there is generally a good opportunity to photograph LAX from up above, as you fly directly over the airport. Looks like the FedEx ramp is busy, preparing for the evening freight and parcel runs....I can spot 12 FedEx frame on the ground [Nikon D3] (more of N415UA)
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9V-SWR Shortly after departure from Changi, next stop Hong Kong [Nikon D3] (more of 9V-SWR)
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An overview of ONT as we began our final descent for LAX. You can see an aircraft on the roll on the southerm runway, which I tracked after departure [Nikon D3]
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N206UA Final approach into LAX with a view of downtown Los Angeles and also a Cathay Pacific B777-300/ER on downwind for LAX [Nikon D3] (more of N206UA)
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N415UA An overview of LAX as we depart for DEN, with TBIT and the AA terminal on display. You can also see that the expansion of TBIT is well underway [Nikon D3] (more of N415UA)
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The original full scale Boeing SST cockpit completely and beautifully restored at the Hiller Aviation Museum. What an amazing concept, designed to rival the Concorde and the TU-144. Never made it to reality! [Nikon D3]
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HL7733 Two B772s from opposite parts of the world come together at LAX [Nikon D3] (more of HL7733)
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G-AWNG The first class cabin on this beautifully restored nose [Nikon D3] (more of G-AWNG)
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G-AWNG One of the few places in the world where you can seat on the cockpit of a B747 and play with the controls. This a/c was delivered to BOAC on 8th Sept, 1971. It was scrapped at Roswell in 1999. After that the nose section was trucked to SQL to be a part of the Hiller Aviation Museum [Nikon D3] (more of G-AWNG)
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N690AA Two special colours, Flagship Freedom and Wunala Dreaming come together for a photo opportunity at :LAX [Nikon D3] (more of N690AA)
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N388LS A special, special aircraft and moment for me. I turned up to the airport, to meet my best friend, KC. We drove around and saw this beauty parked. We imagined that possibly, hopefully it would leave at some point in the day. KC had to leave to catch SQ11 to SIN. He wished me luck that I would get this oh so rare frame. When I saw it being towed out for departure, I was over the moon. I never thought that in 2010 I would have a chance to photogaph an L1011 in action. One word : WOW!! [Nikon D3] (more of N388LS)
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VH-OQE At the time of this capture, the QF A380s were grounded due to the engine failure on 4th November 2010. The reason that I was able to get this picture? The aircraft was doing an engine run! [Nikon D3] (more of VH-OQE)
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N125DL Yep, I was lucky. The three major US carriers, all captured in one shot, all in action. Delta waiting to cross the active. American rotating, and United (Express) landing on the North side......you could say I was happy to have such luck! [Nikon D3] (more of N125DL)
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9V-SKM The last of the Singapore Airlines B747-300s left at Changi in 2001. It was being prepared for delivery to Dragonair Cargo as B-KAB and SQ Enginnering requested a test taxi. I was ready and waiting [Fuji S1 Pro] (more of 9V-SKM)