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EI-DBD EI-DBC [on the left]. Both seen here at Park 4 in the afternoon, came unexpectedly from Manchester (UK) on Fri 16-Jan-2004, using call sign KM098A & KM099. (more of EI-DBD)
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LZ-CAV Seen landing rwy 24. (more of LZ-CAV)
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9H-UME Spectacular aerial view of Malta International Airport, with the 2 runways visible [Dimension-Surface (m):- RWY 32-14: 3544 X 60 Asphalt, having ILS; RWY 24-06: 2377 X 45 Asphalt]. Traffic departing from rwy 32 can be seen high up in the sky! (more of 9H-UME)
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C5-LKI c/n 158. A spectacular aerial photo of this BAC 1-11 with full Libyan Arab Airlines colours. Finally on Thu 28 Aug 2003, it exited Medavia facility since its entry on Thu 5 Sep 2002, and re-entered back in the afternoon after refueling at Park 2. (more of C5-LKI)
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31683 Landed rwy 32 on Tue 26 Aug, departed in the afternoon on Thu 28 Aug 2003. VIP flight!
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N715MQ c/n DC-902B. Lucky to see them both at Park 2 with N3084W infront, as every day during this week they entered and exited Medavia/NCA facility centre. (more of N715MQ)
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C5-LKI c/n 158. Unexpectedly, seen here in the afternoon with full Libyan Arab Airlines colours, holding on NCA taxiway for the gates to be opened to cross Safi road to enter back Medavia facility centre, as it exited in the morning for refueling only. 1st time to exit on yr 2003 FINALLY since its entry on Thu 5 Sep 2002. (more of C5-LKI)
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ZS-OLW c/n UE-33. ex N33YV. Seen from the spotters wall, on take-off from rwy 14 after exiting Medavia facility. It entered on Mon 25 Aug 2003 for a short maintenance. (more of ZS-OLW)
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PH-RAH c/n UE-31. Seen on take-off from rwy 14 in the afternoon, wearing partial colours of its previous operator Trans Travel Airlines. Entered Medavia facility early in the morning and exited in the afternoon with the Fairchild Metro N715MQ. Since 1996 Trans Travel Airlines (TTA) formerly known as Turdus Airways B.V. operated scheduled services between European cities. * 1st time here! (more of PH-RAH)
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TF-SUN c/n 23535 / 1301. Seen wearing Alisea full livery. (more of TF-SUN)
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UR-LTG c/n 00347201. Seen taxying Park 9 to enter rwy 32 for departure, after being at Park 8. (more of UR-LTG)
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OM-HLB c/n 871914. Seen departing from rwy 32. (more of OM-HLB)
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F-GNFD c/n 26317 / 2719. Seen from the spotters wall on take-off from rwy 32! (more of F-GNFD)
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D-AHID c/n 29080. Seen at sunset, back-tracking rwy 32 to line-up for departure. (more of D-AHID)
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9H-UME c/n 0122. ex I-3060. A view of the instrument panel during our local morning flight over the East sector of the Maltese Islands, with St. Paul's Island visible. (more of 9H-UME)
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N73318 c/n 17267369. A view of a fully IFR equipped instrument panel of the Cessna taken in the evening. (more of N73318)
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OE-HLE c/n 3047. Landed rwy 14 for Park 2 and departed 1hr later. (more of OE-HLE)
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CS-TLI c/n 23830 / 1462. Seen at Park 9 Bay 7 after landing rwy 24. Operating an Alisea flight. (more of CS-TLI)
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MM62154 (46-54) AMI 46 BA/2 Gruppo "I2105". Seen at Park 5 in a sunny afternoon. Departed 1 hr later. (more of MM62154)
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N399CB c/n 1261. ex N469GA. Became N57HJ. [1st flown in Feb 1995]. Seen taxying for Park 2 in a hazy afternoon, handled by Medavia. First time to be seen in Malta! (more of N399CB)
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G-CIVR c/n: 25820/1146. Final approach rwy 14! (more of G-CIVR)
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D-AISE c/n: 1214. "Neustadt an der Weinstrasse" delivered: 20-Apr-2000. Final seconds before touching down, entering too low after following the long ILS approach path of rwy 32. (more of D-AISE)
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TS-LBB c/n 258. Seen landing rwy 32 at sunset. (more of TS-LBB)
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5B-DBD c/n 316. Final approach, having an attractive new colour scheme. * 1st time from Malta! (more of 5B-DBD)
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N727M c/n: 22541/1797 ex. N369PA with PanAm as 'Clipper Pathfinder'. Seen here entering rwy 06 from taxiway 'L'. I was the only one to take this photo from here as everyone thought that it would take-off from rwy 14. Anywayz, I was just in time! (more of N727M)