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G-BVEZ Taxiing in after its display at the Cotswold Airshow 2011. The aircraft was built at Luton and delivered to the RAF in 1961, serving with RAF College, Cranwell. It went into storage in 1966 and was converted in 1976 to T.3A status, after which it joined 1FTS till it was retired in 1993. Sold into civilian hands, it has been performing on the airshow circuit. Below the cockpit is the emblem of RAF Linton-on-Ouse. (more of G-BVEZ)
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RF398 On display at RAFM Cosford. Designed to replace the Lancaster as a long range bomber, the Lincoln was intended to operate in the Pacific with Tiger Force. However, it was too late to see service in WW2 by the time VJ Day occurred. Thereafter, the Lincoln equipped 29 RAF squadrons and a number of flights and schools. One was shot down by MiG-15s over Germany in 1953. This aircraft with its Royal Blue spinners is from Bomber Command Bombing School (BCBS) during 1957-60. It was struck off charge in 1963. (more of RF398)
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JA12RJ Arriving at Sapporo in the autumn afternoon. (more of JA12RJ)
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VT-TNB Taxiing in at IGIA T-3 on an autumn afternoon and wearing "#NotJustAnotherNeo" titles. (more of VT-TNB)
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C2216 Looking good at any angle, IAF Museum Palam’s MiG-21bis now sports a shark’s mouth and lightning flash after restoration. The Type 75 was designed for low-level, high-G manoeuvring dogfights with its uprated Tumansky R-25-300 engine, requiring a larger nose inlet diameter for increased airflow. It had the fastest rate of climb among the MiG-21 variants. Initially six aircraft built at GAZ-21 in Gorkii were delivered to India followed by CKD kits, and then manufactured under licence by HAL Nasik. (more of C2216)
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VT-EVA "Agra" as AI401 from DEL on short final for NSCBIA on a winter morning as she approaches with gear down and full flaps set at 30 degrees, doing between 140-150 knots. This was the last week of the Queen operating to Kolkata, though nobody really knew at the time how long 747 the service would continue to the city. (more of VT-EVA)
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ZD4134 On static display on the 89th Air Force Day at Hindon AFS. This ALH is the fixed wheel variant with a maximum AUW of 5750 kg. The ALH carries an electro-optical pod, sensors and can carry up to 14 troops. It can land at helipads at 20,000 feet. The Mk.III was inducted in 111 HU "Snow Tigers" at Bareilly. The unit was awarded the President’s Standard in 2012. (more of ZD4134)
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JA225J "Ganbare!" Good luck wishes are writ large on the fuselage of this jet in support of the Japanese rugby team as it taxiis out for an afternoon departure at New Chitose Airport. (more of JA225J)
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U717 A classic aircraft of Training Command flies past at Aero India 2019. First flown on Sept. 4, 1964, the successful Kiran was designed and built by HAL as a basic jet trainer. The first Kiran Mk.Is with the RR Viper 11 turbojet were inducted in the IAF in March 1968, equipping the Flying Instructors School (FIS) at Tambaram. Production was switched to the Mk.IA with hardpoints under the wings, and later to the Mk.II with a 18.728kN RR Orpheus 701-05 turbojet for Stage-II training of fighter pilots. (more of U717)
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VT-ABA Taxiing out for an early departure at NSCBIA to a regional destination. It looks like an obstacle course for the pilots as all sorts of equipment surround the flight line on a wet monsoon morning. Over 20 years old and still going strong, this aircraft was built in Feb. 1995 and served with several airlines in Spain, France and Honduras before joining Alliance Air in Feb. 2003. From Sept. 2007 it is part of Air India Regional, which flew seven ATR 42-320s in all. (more of VT-ABA)
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UR-UKR Getting ready for departure after Aero India 2021 comes to an end, where it was on static display. Previously registered to Ukraine International Airlines and Antonov Design Bureau, the aircraft now operates with the Ukrainian Government. The regional jet is powered by Progress D-436-148 turbofans with a clearance of 1.65 m. allowing for operation from unpaved runways. The forward passenger door comes equipped with built-in stairs. (more of UR-UKR)
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VT-SFG Evening arrival at CSMIA. "Blaze" was added to the SpiceJet cargo fleet on 19 Dec. 2019. (more of VT-SFG)
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VT-TGA On short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives on a winter morning from Mumbai. This aircraft was newly delivered to Jet Airways on 4 Dec 2012 as VT-JFE till withdrawn from use, whereafter Vistara leased it on 28 May 2019. (more of VT-TGA)
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A6-FGD Morning arrival at RGIA of the daily FZ-439 service from Dubai. (more of A6-FGD)
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VT-PPO Evening departure from CSMIA. Delivered as new to Air India in Aug. 2009, the aircraft is still going strong. (more of VT-PPO)
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ZP5217 Streaming the IAF ensign, helicopters of 155HU lead the flypast at 9:00 a.m. on the 89th Air Force Day at Hindon AFS before Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari, Chief of Air Staff and other dignitaries. The honor of leading the flypast went to Wg Cdr Nikhil Mehrotra, who doused the burning container ship MV SSL Kolkata in the Bay of Bengal in June 2018 with a Mi-17V-5 in rough weather conditions, preventing an ecological disaster to the Sunderbans. (more of ZP5217)
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VT-WGS On short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA. This aircraft was delivered as new to GoAir in July 2018. (more of VT-WGS)
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VT-SFF "Force" on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA on a winter morning, operating as SG7634 from Kunming. The aircraft joined the SpiceJet fleet in Sept. 2019 and is one of five B737s configured for cargo. (more of VT-SFF)
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LA-5019 Demonstrating its agility, this Final Operational Clearance (FOC) standard Tejas of No. 18 Sqn. “Flying Bullets” rolls hard to the left while still over the active in the run-up to the 89th Air Force Day at Hindon AFS. One can see the blister under the starboard intake containing the 23mm twin-barrelled GSh-23 gun and five hardpoints attached out of a possible eight across its compound delta wing. The FOC standard comes with an aerial refuelling probe. (more of LA-5019)
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IN455 Flying over Mumbai harbour in the morning with IN483 bringing up the rear. The antenna fit differs between the two Chetaks, which are different in color as well. These Chetaks are from INAS 321 "Angels" based at INS Shikra. Formed in 1969, the Angels have saved many lives, living up to their motto “We Dare, You Survive”. Designated a Fleet Support Squadron, its Chetaks are detached for SAR and liaison duties to ships and stations as required. (more of IN455)
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9XR-WQ "Kalisimbi" on the apron as CSMIA. Delivered as new to RwandAir in Nov. 2016, the aircraft is named after Mount Kalisimbi, the highest mountain in the Virunga chain. Behind lies VT-JES of Jet Airways that has been stored since 12 April 2019 at Mumbai. (more of 9XR-WQ)
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VT-CQQ This Super Chief was manufactured in 1948. It was de-registered on May 19, 2006, which means it probably flew for close to six decades in Indian skies. It’s even nicer to see this aircraft preserved inside a hangar alongside HUL-26 Pushpak VT-EHZ, which was de-registered on the same date. HAL’s Pushpak was a close copy of the Aeronca Super Chief, differing in the size of its tail and rudder. (more of VT-CQQ)
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VT-KNB Forum 1 Aviation 850XP parked on the apron at Dehradun on a winter morning. (more of VT-KNB)
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IN325 P-8I of INAS 312 “Albatross” in the hands of LCdr Saurabh Kumar flies past Shri Ram Nath Kovind, President of India and Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces at the President’s Colors to Naval Aviation ceremony. The grey monsoon skies of Goa is just another day for this LRMR/ASW unit that ranges far and wide. INAS 312 formerly flew the mighty Tu-142M from INS Rajali. (more of IN325)