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82-0800 (HO) From the 8th FS, Dayton Airshow 2007. (more of 82-0800)
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84-0825 (HO) Landing shot with the parachute deployed. Operated by 8th FS/49th FW (more of 84-0825)
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79-10783 Please look closely, this is another first for This is the only known F-117 Stealth Fighter operating in an all grey low-visibility colourscheme instead of the usual black colours! This aircraft is the 4th fully hand made prototype and was mainly used for RCS work in the past. It is operated by the 410th FLTS at Plant 42 Palmdale, the Skunk Works. This 'Dagger' flight is seen turning short final for RWY 22. (more of 79-10783)
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79-10784 A black (79-10784) and a grey (79-10783) Nighthawk on a formation approach into Palmdale. Both are operated by the 412th Test Wing, 410th FTS at Palmdale. (more of 79-10784)
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79-10782 (ED) Another view of the flying flag, this time with the wheels down. (more of 79-10782)
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79-10782 (ED) How happy everybody was to see this beautifully painted Stealth during this amazing display. And it was a once in a lifetime experience, since this fully hand made prototype was wearing this scheme for the 2nd and last time of its career, after the Edwards show it has been transferred from Palmdale to Holloman and will be used as a ground test bed only in the future. This aircraft suffered also a landing accident back in Jan 82, when it recovered onto a bed of foam, following the loss of the nosewheel. (more of 79-10782)
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86-0837 (HO) I've seen it quite a few times, but the front view of the Nighthawk is always an amazing sight. Aircraft is of the 49th FW, 8th Fighter Squadron 'Black Sheep' based at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. This Lot 10 aircraft flew 31 combat missions in operation Desert Storm and maybe some more during the recent conflict. (more of 86-0837)
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85-10818 (HO) Aircraft 818 opens up her bomb doors and lowers her racks. (more of 85-10818)
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85-10818 (HO) Tight shot of ship 818 as she taxies back in after her demo. (more of 85-10818)
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81-10795 (HO) Closeup of Stealth fighter 795 on static display. (more of 81-10795)
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81-10795 (HO) Tight shot from the front of an F-117 Stealth Fighter. (more of 81-10795)