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9V-STA A Blast from the Past. Pushback has been completed for SQ's very first Airbus A330-300. Only memories now as she has since left the SQ fleet and now serves Thai Air Asia X as HS-XTI. (more of 9V-STA)
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9V-SBD MI's workhorse climbs out of runway 02Left for yet another regional mission. (more of 9V-SBD)
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9V-SQA A Blast from the Past. SQ's very first Boeing 777, the frame from which the SQ 777 story began, decelerates on runway 20Right. Delivered in May 1997, this new type replaced the Airbus A340-300 and was to prove to be a game changer for the airline. Only memories now as she has since been retired from the SQ fleet. She went on to serve Scoot as 9V-OTA before being scrapped in August 2015. (more of 9V-SQA)
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9V-SKA SQ'S very First A380 pushes back as seen from my room at Crowne Plaza. Only memories now as she has since been scrapped. (more of 9V-SKA)
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9V-SPA The Queen piles on reverse thrust to slow her headlong rush along 02L. Only memories now as she has morphed into SQ's first BCF, 9V-SCA. (more of 9V-SPA)
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9V-SMA Singapore Airlines's very first Airbus A350-941 9V-SMA receives a water canon salute upon her arrival on delivery from Toulouse. (more of 9V-SMA)
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9V-SCA SQ's very first Dreamliner decelerates on runway 02Left. She arrives as SQ915 from Manila. (more of 9V-SCA)
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VH-OQC Paul Mc Ginness decelerates on runway 02L illuminated by the early morning sunshine. She arrives as QF32 from London with a further onward leg to Sydney. Sight as seen from my room at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. (more of VH-OQC)
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PK-YGR Zenith decelerates along runway 02Left. She started out life with American Airlines as N852AA. (more of PK-YGR)
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VH-OQK John, repainted in the current corporate livery, descends over Changi Business Park as QF35 from Melbourne. I will try to spot Reginald after the wind direction changes and the sun lights up Reginald just as nicely as it does for John now. (more of VH-OQK)
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F-GSQK Air France 256 arrives from Paris. (more of F-GSQK)
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9V-MBN SIngapore 525 returns from Chennai. (more of 9V-MBN)
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SIN/WSSS - Singapore [Changi], Singapore
Singapore Airlines  Boeing 737 MAX 8
9V-MBG With anti-collision beacons blazing, SQ534 arrives from Cochin on Christmas Eve.. (more of 9V-MBG)
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SIN/WSSS - Singapore [Changi], Singapore
Singapore Airlines  Airbus A330-343X
9V-STW SQ's 23th A333 decelerates on runway 20Right. Only memories now as she left SQ in 2019 for Seraph Aviation as OE-IED. (more of 9V-STW)
Email Autor Correction ID #1704651 / 282 Views
SIN/WSSS - Singapore [Changi], Singapore
Ceiba Intercontinental  Boeing 777-2FB(LR)
CS-TQX This intriguing Boeing 777-200LR overflies the channel as she approaches Changi's runway 20C. She arrives as EQG1 from Bata Airport (BSG), Equatorial Guinea. (more of CS-TQX)
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SIN/WSSS - Singapore [Changi], Singapore
Lufthansa  Boeing 747-830
D-ABYI Potsdam roars over Changi Business Park on finals for runway 02Left. She arrives from Frankfurt as LH778. (more of D-ABYI)
Email Autor Correction ID #1703165 / 57 Views
SIN/WSSS - Singapore [Changi], Singapore
Lufthansa  Boeing 747-830
D-ABYP Nordrhein-Westfalen, the 1500th Boeing 747, roars over Changi Business Park on approach to runway 02Left. She arrives as LH778 from Frankfurt on Christmas Eve. (more of D-ABYP)
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Email Autor Correction ID #1701304 / 78 Views
SIN/WSSS - Singapore [Changi], Singapore
Garuda Indonesia  Airbus A330-343
PK-GHC A SIgn of the Times. This GA A333 in particularly apt Ayo Pakai Masker (Mask On) special livery that seeks to encourage mask use during this pandemic era arrives from Jakarta as GA836. If a plane can wear a mask why cant you? Compelling logic? (more of PK-GHC)
Email Autor Correction ID #1700863 / 18 Views
SIN/WSSS - Singapore [Changi], Singapore
Singapore Airlines  Boeing 777-312(ER)
9V-SWT Taxi past my room at Crowne Plaza enroute to the runway for departure. (more of 9V-SWT)
Email Autor Correction ID #1699934 / 159 Views
SIN/WSSS - Singapore [Changi], Singapore
Shanghai Airlines Cargo  McDonnell Douglas MD-11(F)
B-2177 F4 arrives from China in delightful light. She started out with EVA Airways as a passenger MD-11, N105EV, back in 1995. (more of B-2177)
Email Autor Correction ID #1699807 / 50 Views
QPG/WSAP - Singapore [Paya Lebar], Singapore
Air New Zealand  Boeing 777-319(ER)
ZK-OKQ Air New Zealand's All Blacks liveried Boeing 777-300ER arrives from Auckland as NZ6003 for repainting into the current version of her special livery.. (more of ZK-OKQ)
Email Autor Correction ID #1699505 / 58 Views
SIN/WSSS - Singapore [Changi], Singapore
Air New Zealand  Boeing 777-319(ER)
ZK-OKQ NZ's All Blacks liveried logojet arrives from Auckland as NZ284. (more of ZK-OKQ)
Email Autor Correction ID #1699497 / 13 Views
SIN/WSSS - Singapore [Changi], Singapore
KLM asia  Boeing 777-306(ER)
PH-BVC A white nosed Nationaal Park Sian Ka'an is pictured over Changi Business Park arriving from Amsterdam as KL835. She is on finals for runway 02Left on a nice afternoon. (more of PH-BVC)
Email Autor Correction ID #1697107 / 9 Views
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