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N22NA Bill Leff and his T-6G with wingtip fireworks during his impressive Starfire Night Skyshow. (more of N22NA)
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86-0159 (LN) Callsign "Pistol 12" holds position after being refuelled and awaits his wingman. (more of 86-0159)
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86-0159 (LN) Having refuelled, callsign "Pistol 12" together with "Pistol 11" get ready to leave the tanker and continue with their training mission. (more of 86-0159)
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91-0318 (LN) The aircraft 91-0318, callsign "Bolar 51", is seen together with "Bolar 53" awaiting their turns to be refuelled. (more of 91-0318)
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84-0009 (LN) The aircraft, callsign "Pistol 11" , moves to position behind the tanker aircraft to approach the refuelling boom. (more of 84-0009)
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91-0308 (LN) The aircraft 91-0308, callsign "Bones 11", is seen together with aircraft 91-0311 callsign "Bones 12", holding on the left wing after being refuelled prior to continuing with their training mission. The Strike Eagles look closer to the tanker wing than they actually were. (more of 91-0308)
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FA-126 A burst of flares from the aircraft as it ends its display at the Eastbourne Seafront Airshow. (more of FA-126)
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XX179 One of the Synchro Pair aircraft displaying at the Eastbourne Seafront Airshow. (more of XX179)
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166391 Osprey display at the Farnborough Air Show 2006.
Email Autor Correction ID #509305 / 1827 Views
F-WWOW The thrust of the A380 engines causes the cut grass at the sides of the runway to be blown into the air during take-off at the start of its display. (more of F-WWOW)
Email Autor Correction ID #509304 / 234 Views
156 Airborne at the start of its display on the first trade day of the Farnborough 2006 show.
Email Autor Correction ID #509303 / 145 Views
166673 Ricardo Traven gets the Super Hornet airborne at the start of its display on the first trade day of the Farnborough 2006 show.
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The last two operational Tomcat squadrons arrive at NAS Oceana for their homecoming following their six month deployment to the Gulf onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. This is the last time that 22 Tomcats will ever fly together. VF-213 will transition to the F/A-18F Super Hornet whilst VF-31 will end Tomcat operations in September 2006 when the aircraft is finally retired from active service with the US Navy. The end of an era.
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162513 Thanks go to the HC-4 crew for allowing this picture to be taken.
Email Autor Correction ID #447155 / 447 Views
An unknown greek island seen en-route to Kos. The picture was taken using a Canon Powershot A75 digital compact camera.
Email Autor Correction ID #446193 / 998 Views
165795 Another picture of this VFA-211 aircraft seen making a high-speed pass with it's wingman and each aircraft creating vapour in the humid air conditions at the Oceana 2005 airshow.
Email Autor Correction ID #445382 / 430 Views
72-1490 (TD) The ACC USAF Heritage Flight QF-4E 72-1490/TD piloted by Lt. Col. Jerry Kerby leads the formation with the two F86 Sabres N86FS piloted by Dale Snodgrass and N186FS piloted by Ed Shipley and Maj. Geoff Hickman piloting F-16C 94-0048/SW of the East Coast F16 "Viper East" demo team at the rear of the formation. (more of 72-1490)
Email Autor Correction ID #445362 / 2325 Views
162897 Blue Angels 6 straight and level with an inverted Blue Angel 5 at the 2005 Oceana airshow.
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163746 This Hornet of VFA-136 is seen at the 2005 airshow.