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D-ADFO Apparently after a major overhaul, christened City of Fuerth, D-ADFO appears like new, fourteen years after her first flight. Being converted to a full freighter in 1996, she flew as N605GC until Gemini Air Cargo ceased operations in August 2008 (more of D-ADFO)
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D-ABDI Europa Jet L�beck found a new home in 1987 with Pan Am as Clipper Fleetwing as N878UM, from 1992 with Albatross AL as TC-ALB, then Sultan Air as TC-JUH and finally with Air Alfa as TC-ALM. After a stormy night in East Midlands at the end of December 1997 and the resulting damage to the aircraft, TC-ALM was used for training purposes and fire brigade exercises (more of D-ABDI)
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EI-BGO First built as a CL-44-D4, she received a fuselage extension and swingtail and was delivered to Loftleidir Icelandic in November 1965, registered as TF-LLH in full pax configuration, able to carry up to 189 passengers. From 1971, converted to a full freighter and operated by Cargolux, payload almost 30 tons, she was in service, finally with Aer Turas until the end of 1985 (more of EI-BGO)
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10+01 The Otto Lilienthal, delivered to the Luftwaffe in September 1968 and named after the German aviation pioneer, was in service with the Federal Ministry of Defense for 30 years. Registered as LX-N19997 and officially designated as Boeing CT-49A, she was thereafter in service as a training aircraft for NATO AWACS crews until final retirement in 2010 (more of 10+01)
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CCCP-86054 A successful example of impressive aircraft construction, built in a quantity of more than100 planes. Remarkable fact, that passengers were able to carry their luggage into the hold themselves using the onboard passenger stairs. Still registered with Aeroflot, RA-86054 reported broken up in 2006 (more of CCCP-86054)
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9M-MHA Malaysian Airlines Systems first Airbus flew 15 years for MAS and for a few more years as N224KW for Carnival AL before being converted into a freighter in 1998 (more of 9M-MHA)
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N611BN After seven years in service with Lufthansa, originally christened in 1972 as Niedersachsen, D-ABYG became the Big Orange N611BN, nicknamed also The Great Pumpkin, flying routes from Dallas to Europe as well to the Far East. Other airlines and registrations followed. British Caledonian and British Airways as G-BJXN, Continental AL and Continental Micronesia as N78019, Air Atlanta Icelandic as TF-ATA and finally Logistic Air as 5U-ACE. This old lady has been stored at Roswell since 2007 (more of N611BN)
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F-BVGF This Airbus A300B-2, originally built for Air France and delivered in 1975, was in service for twenty years only in European air space, from 1983 until retirement in 1996 operated by Air Inter. F-BVGF was finally scrapped at the Ardmore Municipal Airport, Oklahoma in autumn 1996 (more of F-BVGF)
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ZS-SBR Umkomaas, named after the coastal town of the South Coast KwaZulu-Natals, has stayed in South Africa since its delivery in 1970 and serves today as a technical and cabin crew trainer for SAA in Johannesburg (more of ZS-SBR)
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ZS-SPC Maluti, seen here in the South African AW maintenance area, had a colorful working life including services for Air Mauritius as 3B-NAG, Avia Airlines as ZS-SPC and Air Namibia as V5-SPC. Since the transfer flight on September 30, 2006, ZS-SPC has been spending his well-deserved retirement in the SAA Museum at Johannesburg-Rand Airport together with his bigger brother Lebombo, ZS-SAN, who had arrived earlier in 2004 (more of ZS-SPC)
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SE-DBS Svipdag Viking was one of 10 DC-9s series -21 ever built. The only order customer for this special type was SAS, which received these planes between December 1968 and May 1969. The Series 20 was developed as a high-performance version of the Series -10 with a larger wingspan and more powerful engines (more of SE-DBS)
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SE-IRG Vigge Viking, one of only nine Fokker F27 Friendships, that were operated by SAS Commuter out of Copenhagen. From 1989 onwards SE-IRG was in service with FedEx as a parcel freighter for another twenty years, first operated by British Air Ferries as G-FEAD and from 1992 by Empire Airlines as N741FE (more of SE-IRG)
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SX-CBG Mount Menalon, the former Wiesbaden, which was in service with Lufthansa as D-ABKJ until February 1990, seen here a few month later still with Lufthansa cheatline. Clearly visible also the place, where the Wiesbaden city coat of arms and townname was painted (more of SX-CBG)
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G-APFL Only 3 of the 37 Boeing 707 series -400 built with Rolls-Royce Conway 508 turbofan engines have survived. G-APFL seen here in front of the old DUS terminal is now used as a restaurant in the Aero Beach Club near Entebbe airport. The other two B.707-400 are currently still present in Hamburg and Berlin (more of G-APFL)
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EC-CUM TAE Trabajos Aereos y Enlaces was originally founded in 1957 and carried out charter flights, from 1973 onwards with a pure jet fleet, consisting of Caravelle 10 and Douglas DC-8s of different series. Like her two sisters EC-CMS and EC-DFP, all Caravelles were leased from Sterling (more of EC-CUM)
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TC-ARI The first aircraft of Istanbul Airlines, Lale, named after the Turkish landmark of Istanbul - The Tulip - , seen here still in the livery of the previous operator SAT, ex D-ABAP and with the tulip as company logo (more of TC-ARI)
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EC-CIZ Registered as D-ANYL and in service with LTU from 1969 to 1974, EC-CIZ, which was operated afterwards first with Transeuropa Compania de Aviacion and from 1983 with Hispania, is seen here In Hispanias new color scheme, introduced in the summer of 1985 (more of EC-CIZ)
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N207EV This Douglas built B-17 was used by the CIA with Skyhook Surface Air Recovery System gear fitted in the nose for Project Coldfeet. This successful mission was carried out on June 1, 1962, which involved the dropping and retrieval of agents with Soviet anti-submarine warfare intelligance from a polar ice station, aboandoned by the Russians in May 1961. Since 2002 N207EV has been on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, restored in its original military identity (more of N207EV)
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N206EV Here still in the colors of Evergreen, the 1954 built Neptune as tanker 145. Most recently documented in aerial firefighting with Neptune Aviation Services in California and Arizona in 2017 (more of N206EV)
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N7572A Seven American Airlines B.707 are waiting for their further use in Marana in the spring of 1981. N7572A ended her career a few months later after a short transfer flight to Davis Monthan AFB as a spare parts plane for the USAF KC-135E conversion program (more of N7572A)
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N7509A One of the first B.707s to be built, line number 16, flew for Air Berlin USA in the 1980 summer season. After being returned to American Airlines in autumn, she was sold to the USAF for the KC-135R conversion program and finally scrapped at the Davis-Monthan AFB (more of N7509A)
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B-2416 After a 19 year career with CAAC and Air China, B-2416 was sold to the Israeli Air Force in 1993, first modified to a tanker, a KC-707, and in 2005 again into a EC-707 Re'em, registered as 264. By the way - the name addition Re'em means unicorn (more of B-2416)
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HL7316 Built in 1974 and in Korean Air service for over twenty years with some hard landings, HL7316 was operated by Northwest AL as N234NW from 1996 for the next eleven years. Finally she served for American Trans Air as the N702TZ until April 2008, when ATA Airlines ceased operations (more of HL7316)
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HL7452 First delivered new in 1980 in this metal paint scheme, HL7452 changed its dress into the standard mainly light blue Korean Air colors until withdrawal in 2004. MK Airlines then operated this jumbo for another six years, initially registered as 9G-MKR, and from 2007 as G-MKBA until MK Airlines ceased operations on April, 10 in 2010 (more of HL7452)
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N428PA Jet Clipper Star of Hope lived up to its name when this B.707, in service for Korean Air, registered as HL7429, deviated significantly from course on April 20, 1978 on flight KE902 from Paris to Anchorage and entered Russian airspace near Murmansk. An air-to-air missile shot by an SU-15 hit the left wing, causing the Korean Air crew to make an emergency landing on a frozen lake (more of N428PA)