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N140SC The last active Lockheed L-1011 Tristar | Rebuilt as Pegasus Air Launch Platform, last flight was on 17.10.2022 for some experiments (mehr von N140SC)
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N634SW stored at VCV since 2017. Guess this Airframe will never take off again. Belongs now to Valiair Aircraft Trust. ex SouthWest Airlines (mehr von N634SW)
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N291JM ex. B-6136. Stored at MHV since February 2022 (mehr von N291JM)
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F-WWCF FIA 2022 - Airbus A350, Boeing 777x and Boeing 737 MAX 10 togehter (mehr von F-WWCF)
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D-APRI new stickers to promote "Leysieffer" - manufacture of fine, handcrafted chocolate creations (mehr von D-APRI)


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9H-MLV New Titles for "Lima Victor" will operating for Skycana in Dominican Republic advertising for La Romana (mehr von 9H-MLV)
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HL8381 New special livery in collaboration with the Korean Football Association. (mehr von HL8381)
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Overview of Mojave Air & Space Port. Very hard to collect some planes from outside.
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N775KW std at MHV since 7 Apr 2021 | previous owner is All Nippon Airways "Star Alliance" special colours JA731A (mehr von N775KW)
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D-ABPA The change of Generations. One is about to leaving the Fleet, the other one is going to entering the Fleet. We took our Chance to book one of the Pilot- und Crewtraining Flights from FRA to MUC, before the Dreamliner is joining the Long-Haul Fleet. It was a great Experience, the Crew and the three Captains on Board were very friendly. They took time to answer all Questions from the huge amount of Avgeeks on this Flight and after landing they open the Flightdeck and offer to take Pictures. So, many thanks to the Crew and especially to the nice Purser, who gifted a Safety-Card to my Son. Greeting to Aviation Enthusiast Sascha and to Marvin. It was a cool Trip. (mehr von D-ABPA)
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