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D-ABUA before departure to FRA - seats 1H and 1K are reserved for crew rest (mehr von D-ABUA)
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D-AISQ two times "Black is the new blue" in one picture! (mehr von D-AISQ)
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This is the popular spotting location in Corfu with the famous Vlacherna Monastery. Here one can see a video photographer in action, while the Airbus of thomas cook is on final approach to runway 35. The best hours in this place for photography are the morning hours from sunrise till noon when the sun is high, then one can cross on the bridge to the other side. Google coordinates: 39.590721, 19.917764.
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HZ-WBT7 What a beauty! The paint scheme fits perfectly. (mehr von HZ-WBT7)
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HZ-WBT7 The perfect sunset light for this awesome beauty. (mehr von HZ-WBT7)