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9M-MPA The sky was filled with fat contrails that day, it was a matter of time before a 747 would bank right in front of it. (mehr von 9M-MPA)
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B-KAB The tug has just released and the engines are being started. The 'pancake' type landscape of the Dutch polders is very apparent here, the horizon seems to exist of only lights. The tail logo light is clearly visible in this shot. (mehr von B-KAB)
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PH-HZX Freshly painted in the new colors. Not a speck of dirt on her. (mehr von PH-HZX)
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PH-KCC Sitting quietly on the stand with cabin and cockpit lights on. (mehr von PH-KCC)
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N524MC Engineers were working on fully extended flaps, hence the piece of paper on the lever. I just love the Stars and Stripes on the engineer's panel! (mehr von N524MC)
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PH-KCD A new take on the gearshot. The bogies are just being retracted. (mehr von PH-KCD)
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PH-BQ* Condensation is heaviest near the two huge inner flap sections. The 777 has just got a little bulkier. (mehr von PH-BQ*)
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PH-BXP The 737-900 is rare in Europe, but here we have as many as 3 of them (out of a total of 5) parked at the D gates. There is still some cleaning work and baggage loading to be done on BXP before it will be ready for pushback like the two in the background. (mehr von PH-BXP)
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PH-BUK What a magical sight: colored floodlights and a well lit cabin make for a wonderfully lit aircraft. Moments from now PH-BUK would start its journey overwater to Lelystad. You can already see it standing on the Mammoet trailer. It was a very very cold night but an experience I will never forget. (mehr von PH-BUK)
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PH-AHQ Showing some wingflex as the new Arkefly scheme is banking east. This new scheme means a lot more blue at an airport where blue is already king. (mehr von PH-AHQ)
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B-2473 Globalization: a Chinese airliner about to touch down on Dutch soil, whilst being watched by an American multinational. (mehr von B-2473)
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9V-SVM Closest I have ever come to a real Air-2-Air shot (mehr von 9V-SVM)
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PH-MCE 16 spinning wheels just off the ground. (mehr von PH-MCE)
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EP-IBA Pulling back on the controls a little strongly, resulting in little separation between the tail and runway. It makes for a lovely rotation though! (mehr von EP-IBA)
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5X-BON These powerful, gorgeously lit DC-10 rotations never get old. 960mm fullframe shot. (mehr von 5X-BON)
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PH-BQG Lots of cargo waiting to be loaded on this 777 and the 3 widebodies in the background. (mehr von PH-BQG)
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B-16461 The EVA pilots know how to please the photographers. Aggresive banking keeps us coming back.The EVA pilots know how to please the photographers. Aggresive banking keeps us coming back. (mehr von B-16461)
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PH-BFW A look inside the businessclass sections of these 747s. Both crews are doing their pre-flight checks. (mehr von PH-BFW)
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N534MC Aborted takeoff due to blown tires. The ones on the right are completely shredded. (mehr von N534MC)
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N534MC Aborted takeoff due to blown tires. Only a few hundred yards left on the runway. It could have ended much worse! (mehr von N534MC)
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N604CD Brandew bizzjet and it's looking great! Wouldn't mind having this as my living room. The TV screen displays a 57 minute flight from LBG, I wonder where we're going;) (mehr von N604CD)