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HB-IWK One of my best pic`s on a "dark" Flightdeck...This is at LSZH Swiss Aviation Training Center the last MD11 Simulator...My friends and i did some Dep and Arr on RWY23 at LSGG (mehr von HB-IWK)
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9M-MRJ This B777 made a big thing out of a Normal Take off! Tail Strike! Realy bad one! After 40min Fule Dumping over the "Schwarzwald" it made a Emercany Landing on RWY14 with all the Firetruck`s etc.... The Flight MH9 to Kualalumpur got Canceld after 6h standing at the Gate E56 on the Dock Middfield. (mehr von 9M-MRJ)
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HB-ZDE Just Chilling in the Field drink a Coke and relax;-) (mehr von HB-ZDE)
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HB-ZDE About to Dep from a Field in front of my Hous in Swizerland (mehr von HB-ZDE)
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HB-IXV WOW thsi Sunset with the Clouds! Flying back to Zuerich from Paris (mehr von HB-IXV)
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ZS-JEO Inbound Keetmanshoop I guess need to Clean the Windshield ;-) (mehr von ZS-JEO)
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U-P05 On Final at Pattaya Air Strip clear to see the Runway ;-) (mehr von U-P05)
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HS-TMG Inbound Bangkok from Zuerich. Just love the MD11 (mehr von HS-TMG)
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C-GKOV This is the brand new Cockpit of the older Model Cessna 172. (mehr von C-GKOV)
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Welcome at the overhead of the B767-300ER OPR by Air Canada, Thanks to the Crew to let me in the Cockpit.


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HB-ZDE This is a Shoot i did at my old Home are in Swizerland, fling down the "Domleschg" Vally (mehr von HB-ZDE)