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G-CPEU WOW can it be any lower? the pilot is still correcting with the right engine a second before touchdown! Amazing (mehr von G-CPEU)
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OE-LVJ arriving after sunset with a fantastic sky and mood (mehr von OE-LVJ)
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PH-HZE first visit of the brand new Transavia livery to Innsbruck, seen here rocketing out of Innsbruck (mehr von PH-HZE)
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OE-XVC rescue mission at National Park Grosser Ahornboden, Karwendel, Tyrol (mehr von OE-XVC)
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G-FBJI It was a beautiful summer day today in Innsbruck and ended with a nice sunset at the river Inn. Always nice watching the planes come in while chilling in the sun on the beach. This is an Embraer 175 operated by FlyBe, arriving from Manchester (mehr von G-FBJI)
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G-TCBC fun with friends and low level approaches :) (mehr von G-TCBC)
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