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D-AIMA Elegant double decker enjoying everyone's attention :) (mehr von D-AIMA)
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This exciting thunderstorm cell appeared shortly before crossing the French Alps northbound. It caused us small detours in order to avoid serious turbulences.
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F-GRHL At the end of this unsettled sunday, I decided to start my first aviation photography session in year 2009. Well, as I hoped it turned out to be a romantic and quiet sunset! (mehr von F-GRHL)
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D-AGWH Just feel warm and fuzzy about the winter's frostiness (-10C) by taking lovely photos ;) (mehr von D-AGWH)


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Z-ALT A real nagged DC-10, aged 28, is seen here preparing the longhaul cargo flight to Harare/Zimbabwe in a spooky, cold atmosphere. (mehr von Z-ALT)
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Overflying London and its Thames enroute the United States.
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D-FWJC Due to undeniable bad weather conditions on closing date october 30, three aircrafts had to remain at the airport. Being assumed as provocation, the local senate at first refused any take-off clearances. Now, after approximately three weeks of waiting and hoping, the pilots left our historic airport. Well, enjoy this photo presenting you the few last minutes of Berlin-Tempelhof! R.I.P. (mehr von D-FWJC)
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Well, such photos let me dream of holiday...
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D-AIGO Ferry flight 'LH 5010T', inbound Dusseldorf, is arriving over the piano keys of runway 26R. Really an exciting panorama! (mehr von D-AIGO)
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D-AISD Ending its long backtrack with an expected 'Clear for take-off!' (mehr von D-AISD)
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LZ-BOV Chasing each other in a never ending departure line! (mehr von LZ-BOV)
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12+06 The low winter sun offers a nice view into the engines! (mehr von 12+06)
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N320FE Resting peacefully at the gate with a damaged engine cover. Previously belonging to Belgian 'Sabena'! (mehr von N320FE)
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N422US Quite an exciting line-up, don't you think so? (mehr von N422US)
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VT-JEB What a looong Indian lady :D (mehr von VT-JEB)
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RA-85019 Wow, even if it looks pretty unnoticable, this aircraft seems to be top secret and belongs closely to the Russian government as it was seen rarely in the past! (mehr von RA-85019)
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Descending through thin layer of cloud three miles from landing. The large turbulence fields behind the aircraft are indicated by the airstream which seems drawing a lovely heart into the cloudy sky. In combination with the typical Triple Seven's wingflex, it should be a candidate for my personal 'shot of the year'!