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N909PG Pictured early in the morning before starting another relief flight to the towns affected by hurricane Pauline. (mehr von N909PG)
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XA-MXE This aircraft had the most difficult design to photograph because of the combination of colors. These are the same as XA-MEC but reversed causing that the pale blue color highlighted over the purple fretwork. (mehr von XA-MXE)
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XA-HON Pictured after returning from Aeroperu and named Teotihuacan. It was a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican city. The archaeological site is located approximately 40 kilometers from Mexico city. Apart from the pyramids, Teotihuacan is also anthropologically significant for its complex, multi-family residential compounds, the Avenue of the Dead, and the small portion of its vibrant murals that have been exceptionally well-preserved. (mehr von XA-HON)