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UR-13395 What a pleasure to see this rare aircraft at Linz Airport. Operating a leg between Linz and Kyiv-Gostomel. (mehr von UR-13395)
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UR-82007 This cargo heavy arrived to Linz from Chengdu-Shuangliu Intl. via Samsun-Carsamba a view days before. It is now awaiting its next flight to Nice/Cote d'Azur. (mehr von UR-82007)
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UR-13395 departing via intersection C2, so a bit of improvising and luck was required to get a decent shot. (mehr von UR-13395)
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UR-82009 Delivered in 1987 this AN-124 has also been painted in Aeroflot colours. Note the chevron engine cowls. This heavy cargo airliner arrived from Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. and is now awaiting its next flight to Bamako Intl./Mali via Marseilles and Ouagadougou (ADB 5706). (mehr von UR-82009)
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UR-82008 Awaiting its ferry flight ADB 314F from Linz to Bagram Air Base/Afghanistan. (mehr von UR-82008)
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UR-74010 This rare cargo airliner arrived from Kyiv-Gostomel, made a short stop at Linz Airport to continue the leg to Munich Intl. (ADB 9129). (mehr von UR-74010)