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G-AIDN Wears serial MT818 (mehr von G-AIDN)
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G-BMSB Wears serial MJ627 (mehr von G-BMSB)
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K9998 Plastic FSM replica outside the Biggin Hill Memorial Museum (mehr von K9998)
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G-LFVB The modern fire tender in the background is the most apparent giveaway seven decades later. City of Winnipeg comes in for a smooth landing at the end of Duxford Autumn Airshow 2013. Built in 1942, she has seven confirmed kills, making her one of the top scoring survivors. Six kills were scored with No. 501 (County of Gloucester) Sqn, after which the Spitfire joined No. 19 Sqn. and moved to No. 402 Sqn. RCAF in April 1944. (mehr von G-LFVB)
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G-SPIT This Spitfire was built at Keevil in 1944 and stored by the RAF before going to the Indian Air Force. It was acquired by British warbird collector Doug Arnold and then fully restored by 1992. It is seen here taxiing in at Flying Legends 2011 wearing the code JE-J of famous ace Wg Cdr Johnnie Johnson, who ended the war flying Mk. XIVE MV268. All his 34 confirmed victories were fighters. (mehr von G-SPIT)
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G-ASJV The Rolls-Royce Merlin 63 of Mylcraine getting some summer sunshine and TLC at Duxford. Combat veteran MH434 went into action with No. 222 Sqn. in Aug. 1943 and shot down or damaged four Luftwaffe fighters in three weeks. It later flew with No. 349 Sqn. After the war, the Spitfire served with Royal Netherlands Air Force No. 322 Sqn. and saw action in Indonesia. After returning to the UK, it featured in Operation Crossbow, Battle of Britain and A Bridge Too Far. (mehr von G-ASJV)