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WH291 ex SWWAPS Museum, Lasham. Now reassembled and complete since my last picture here in 2012 (mehr von WH291)
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WK935 On display at RAF Museum Cosford. This experimental Meteor had the pilot flying from a prone position, accompanied by a safety pilot in the rear cockpit. The design was to be have been used in a Bristol Aeroplane rocket-powered interceptor. (mehr von WK935)


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WK935 Note the second prone cockpit which was used in experimental work to see how humans suffered the effects of 'g' if lying down (mehr von WK935)
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WH291 Arrived here in 2011 from the SWWAPS Museum at Lasham which closed (mehr von WH291)
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WK935 Single engine prone pilot research monoplane modified from standard single seat, twin engined fighter variant by addition of lengthened nose section. Overall silver with wing and fuselage roundels. On display iside of the Royal Air Force museum of Cosford (UK). Eos 50D Canon 18-200. (mehr von WK935)
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WH301 On display at the museum. Eos 50D Canon 18-200. (mehr von WH301)
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VZ440 This was previously painted as WA829 but has just been repainted and marked as VZ440 at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum. (mehr von VZ440)