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N799AL This DC-8-62 "combi" is preserved at the Naval Air Museum Barbers Point near the southwestern corner of Oahu. In this configuration, the aircraft has a large cargo section up front and a smaller passenger compartment with six rows of seats in back. The aircraft also possesses its original engines and cockpit. The museum is well worth a visit and tour. (mehr von N799AL)
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EC-ELM Operating a cargo flight for Iberia as IB9671 (mehr von EC-ELM)
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HB-IDI "Solothurn" on her way back to Zurich. In the 70s and early 80s the DC-8-62s of Swissair were a frequent upgrade to the regular DC-9-32s, which usualy operated the services from Dsseldorf to Zurich and Geneva. (mehr von HB-IDI)
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HB-IDL "Aargau" taxies to her gate position with a B.727-100 of Hapag Lloyd in the background. n 1984 HB-IDL was sold to Capitol as N924CL and from 1986 she was operated by Airborne as parcel-express` N802AX. (mehr von HB-IDL)
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HB-IDF "Schwyz" is seen here after a late evening arrival before a scheduled nightstop at Rhein-Main. Other operators were Nationair of Canada and after conversion to DC-8-62F standard Buffalo Air Cargo, Cargo Lion and Silkway. (mehr von HB-IDF)
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HS-TGS The only one DC-8-62AF of SAS was aquired by Thai AW in 1978, named "Jiraprapha" and she is seen here at Lohausen, leaving her nightstop-position after a diversion from Frankfurt. (mehr von HS-TGS)
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N1809E Built in 1969 - Just a few months after this photo was taken the aircraft crashed on approach into Surinam. This was due to pilot error and of the 187 people onboard 176 lost their lives. (mehr von N1809E)
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OB-R-1249 PL695 to SCL and EZE is taxiing to the active runway (mehr von OB-R-1249)
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ZS-OSI A nice DC-8 is thundering down runway 34. (mehr von ZS-OSI)