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G-TLEL Together with D-LDFR after short sightseeing flight on the occasion of the 'Goodyear Safety-Tour 2011' at Essen-Mulheim. (mehr von G-TLEL)
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N3A c/n 4118. Built in 1976. The Goodyear Blimp say's goodbye to Oshkosh Air Venture 2008 with flypast along the crowd line (mehr von N3A)
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N156LG Blast off for the Holden Blimp - amazing climb performance! (mehr von N156LG)
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D-LISA About to land at Oerlinghausen. Blimp on promotion-tour for Schwab-Versand (mehr von D-LISA)
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One of a kind, Watson built, helium-filled pedal-powered airship named the "White Dwarf" demonstrating at the Madras Air Show. It was built in the mid-eighties for the comedian Gallagher who used it to make an entrance into large indoor auditoriums during performances. Down, level or up tilt of the push propeller determines if the craft climbs, levels off or descends.
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N620LG c/n 020. Built in 2002. Blimp advertising the Stones tour...In a bit of irony, the U.S. Drug Czar flew into Brown Field about the same time that the blimp arrived. Bit of contrast? My thanks to the crew who gave me a complete tour of this airship. (mehr von N620LG)
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N620LG c/n 020. Built in 2002. Mick, Keef, Ronnie and Charlie board the airship. (mehr von N620LG)
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N620LG c/n 020. Built in 2002. Releasing Airship from the mooring mast. (mehr von N620LG)
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N620LG c/n 020. Built in 2002. US and Canada get some licks from the Andy Warhol created Glimmer Twins logo on Airship promoting 2002 North American tour. (mehr von N620LG)