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SX-OBH In the afternoon landing for RWY 12 as a medical flight with suitable stickers on the fuselage. (mehr von SX-OBH)
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CN-RGJ New paint scheme with "Oneworld" alliance titles. (mehr von CN-RGJ)
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EC-JJQ Leaving for a coast control mission. (mehr von EC-JJQ)
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LZ-BON Daily scheduled flights of this airline from CTA-Catania to Bologna and Rome have started today, but PMO-Palermo and CIY-Comiso can also fly to Bologna. (mehr von LZ-BON)
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EC-NCB Volotea is departing from Bologna, this company has also activated the second scheduled evening flight with Olbia. (mehr von EC-NCB)
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EC-MUY Finally, from 3 July 2020, Volotea has landed in Bologna, activating a daily scheduled flight with Olbia. (mehr von EC-MUY)
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A6-EBN It might seem like a normal passenger flight, but instead it is a freight flight. In fact Emirates on a number of Boeing 777-300 has modified the configuration in the all cargo version, emptying the main plane which together with the normal holds has allowed to gain over a dozen tons. In the photo, the arrival at BLQ-LIPE from MAN-EGCC of the B-777-36N (ER) to carry out a special cargo flight from Bologna with local products to EWR-KEWR. (mehr von A6-EBN)
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T7-ASK This is one of the arrivals of a series of cargo flights carried out on Bologna by "San Marino Executive Aviation" operated with A300-600. These flights come from China with a stopover in Almaty (Kazakhstan) loaded with sanitary materials for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. (mehr von T7-ASK)
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TS-IOR 60th Anniversary special titles. (mehr von TS-IOR)
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EC-MFJ This company does not operate scheduled flights from BLQ, but occasionally shows up for charter flights or incentive travel. (mehr von EC-MFJ)
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HA-LTD Wizzair 100th Airbus special livery. (mehr von HA-LTD)
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