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SU-DAK delivered new to ZAS in spring 1988, got later again full ´Airline of Egypt´- titles, also in arabic letters on the fuselage and the tail. (mehr von SU-DAK)
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YU-ANG leased November 1989 until November 1990 from Adria Airways. Aircraft operated also for Aero Lloyd from 1994 until 1996 as D-ALLS and finally as N923TW for TWA and American AL, retired at Roswell, New Mexiko in 2003. (mehr von YU-ANG)
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YU-ANG Zarkani Aviation Services carried passenger charter operations from several European airports to Egypt. Ceased operations in 1995. Aircraft leased frmo Inex-Adria Airways. (mehr von YU-ANG)
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SU-DAB A tight fit, the tail is still sticking out of the hangar as the ground crew is closely watching the process of being towed into the hangar. Later on in its career this aircraft was destroyed after overrunning the RWY after aborting take-off at Bratislava on February 7th, 1999. (mehr von SU-DAB)
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SU-DAJ Construction no 18686 To Boeing Milatary for KC135 parts stored Davis Monthan 11.87 (mehr von SU-DAJ)