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XA-ADA JR156, starting its descent to LAX. (mehr von XA-ADA)
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XA-ADA / This DC-9 has a capacity for 100 passengers in Coach Cabin and 6 in First Class. Note the airplane is very clean. Something more than to say is the airplane smells of a mixture between coffee and tobacco. (mehr von XA-ADA)
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XA-ADA / Flaps are set for landing on short final for runway 28 (mehr von XA-ADA)
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XA-ADA Wing / Flying over the sea in San Jos� del Cabo in a sunny day. I dedicate this picture to Luis Meza (Aero California's fan) (mehr von XA-ADA)
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XA-ADA Acft. Del. 11/79 / Arrived from LAX as flight 101. Ready for go to GDL and MTY (mehr von XA-ADA)