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N3739P Westjet's 2nd leased 738 from Delta Air Lines. Used only for the Toronto runs. After 6 months they will be replaced by new WJ 737-700's. (mehr von N3739P)
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N3739P this is My first picture of WestJet's 738.. I was distracted by 2 airport security guys that I ended up running away from them while they were talking and got my step ladder and shot a decent late picture of it. Later the Security told me to leave a few minutes after. (mehr von N3739P)
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C-GXWJ Sitting behind Westjet's YEG hangar. In a few minutes when the lights come on in the Hangar, she will be towed inside. (mehr von C-GXWJ)
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N3739P It's tough to get a perfect picture when the best light is on the other side of the aircraft. Westjets leased 738. Used for Toronto to Edmonton flights. (mehr von N3739P)
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C-FCWJ I wonder what the WJ in the reg could stand for . (mehr von C-FCWJ)
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N3740C The all new Westjet/Delta Air Lines hybrid livery. This plane is leased by Westjet from Delta Air Lines for the new YEG-YYZ flights. Powered into a very steep climb by the two CFM56 Series engines. Note the engines are still painted in Delta colors. (mehr von N3740C)
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C-FKWS This aircraft was used on the all new Toronto to Edmonton Westjet flight which started today. I was expecting the new Westjet leased 738 instead of the 73G so I was a bit dissapointed : ( (mehr von C-FKWS)
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C-FKWS This aircraft was scheduled in to land just prior to the Westjet 737 that made an emergency landing in Saskatoon, Canada with engine trouble after departing Winnipeg. I was wondering where it was. Fortunately the pilot brought her down safe and sound with no injuries. (mehr von C-FKWS)
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