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OE-LEO I dedicate this photo to one of my best friends, Nicky. (mehr von OE-LEO)
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VP-BGX Note the new paint on this beauty. I must hide fot the airport inspection. It's not allouwed in Paphos to take pics. I dedicate this picture of my favorite airline and airliner to my 2 best friends who joined me during our trip in Cyprus, Nathalie and Lisabet :) (mehr von VP-BGX)
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D-AFKA Guess the airlines ! One livery, 2 companies. The F100 landed first, followed by its big brother Boeing 738. I was happy to see this happening. (mehr von D-AFKA)
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G-MKGA The MK Airlines silver bullet, stored at Ostend Airport. I took this pic with my good friend (and PP photographer) Maxim Termote. (mehr von G-MKGA)
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OO-JBG Just landed back in Belgium. This TUI bird came in from Istanbul SAW. Great flight with Jetairfly! (mehr von OO-JBG)
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OO-JAP How many airlines can you see? :) 2 paint schemes, 1 airline :) (mehr von OO-JAP)
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SU-GCI Normaly we see the Airbus A320/A321 in Brussels but today they sent us the A330-200. The A330 is taxiing to RWY 07R for departure (mehr von SU-GCI)
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OO-SNA The first Airbus A320 for Brussels Airlines is taxiing to Runway 07R for take off. The aircraft did his first commercial flight on April 23, so 2 days ago :) nice to see a new type in the SN fleet. (mehr von OO-SNA)
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OO-TUC you can 'Discover' the special TUI Airlines Belgium colors for the joint venture between Jetair (TUI Belgium) and Thomas Cook Belgium, but this is a Jetairfly aircraft, and it's such a nice one! :D note the stickers of both tourism groups near the doors! Thank you Pieter-Jan ;) (mehr von OO-TUC)
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B-6088 The colors are nice in this cold winter sun. Note the Dynasty Wines stickers :) Thank you Pieter-Jan for editing my picture (mehr von B-6088)
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N771UA what a dirty but beautiful plane! I love the old colors, not the new United/Continental colors! United Airlines, Fly the Friendly Skies :) thank you Pieter-Jan for editing the picture :) (mehr von N771UA)
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TC-JNF My good friend Liesbeth on board of this Airbus A330-200, a nice upgrade due to the Hadj. Thank you Turkish Airlines for the upgrade, and Sam and Pieter-Jan for editing my picture :) (mehr von TC-JNF)
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LN-RKF "Godfred Viking" inbound from Copenhagen. Due to crew shortage on the short haul fleet, SAS sent us this A340, Thank you SAS! (mehr von LN-RKF)