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Unknown IL-76TD with just UR- and the tail Logo painted on her white body.
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G-BEJD c/n 1543. Built in 1961. Arrived here in October 2010 from Blackpool. Under restoration for display at the Crowne Plaza Hotel which is the old airport terminal building which has been converted to a hotel. (mehr von G-BEJD)
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PH-NIV It is a Fokker 27-500, not the original one, but very nice Gateguard at the Fokkerweg at Schiphol. (mehr von PH-NIV)
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N9463 sitting at a remote corner of AVQ together with another Constellation, some DC4s, a P2H Neptune, some Beech 18s, jets and more...quite a sad view (mehr von N9463)
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5Y-SXP now sold to a new operator in Kenia (mehr von 5Y-SXP)
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D-INPA built in 1974, ex Amadeus Flugdienst, now in use as Fire Brigade Trainer (mehr von D-INPA)
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S2-AEI (c/n 871821) Formerly RP-C2928 of Seair, this a/c was sold to Bangladesh along with sister ship S2-AEJ/RP-C2428. However, as of FEB12 these a/c were not yet delivered. (mehr von S2-AEI)