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167835 Seahawk from HSC-12 "Golden Falcons" approaching NAF Atsugi in the afternoon. (mehr von 167835)
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N4250Y BuNo 19075 under restoration at Yanks Air Museum. Visible is the 1,900 hp R-2600-20 Twin Cyclone radial engine, housing for 20mm cannon and the wide wheel track. The first USN squadron to fly the SB2C-1 in anger was VB-17 operating from USS Bunker Hill in 1943. The Helldiver started to replace the Dauntless in 1944, but the aircraft was not as well liked. Nevertheless, the SB2C-3 equipped fleet carriers of TF38 in time for Leyte Gulf. In a coordinated carrier air group attack, Helldivers went first. (mehr von N4250Y)
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