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HN-409 Resting in front of the old Quito's airport terminal, you can still see some gates, the terminal hallway and the control tower. This unusual visitor from Guayaquil, was here because of the "Feria Bicentenario 2022" a fair with all kinds of vehicles, airplanes and stuff of all the military forces of Ecuador, it was made to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha that gave us freedom from the Spanish Kingdom. (mehr von HN-409)
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FAE-1256 This beautiful H145, waiting for some hours under the Sun before taking off from the Mariscal Sucre Air Force Base and after helping quite a lot, alongside with other helicopters during the violent indigenous riots all around the country that ended the day before this picture. Thanks a lot to Antonio Espinel and the friends of the FAE for this opportunity, you know who you are!! (mehr von FAE-1256)
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FAE807 On February 10, 1997 at 13:05 LT, this Mirage F1JA was commanded by Major Raul Banderas "Conejo" when together with the FAE-806 (also preserved in this museum) piloted by Capt. Carlos Uscategui "Flash" shot down two Sukhoi SU 22s of the Peruvian Air Force during the Cenepa conflict. Undoubtedly a historical piece of great patriotic importance for Ecuador. You can see that above the letters "Mirage F1JA" is the demolition badge with the name of Major Raul Banderas. "4 seconds of honor... an eternity of glory." (mehr von FAE807)
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AEE-373 The last Gazelle still flying in Ecuador, we used to have 2 active but on March 12, 2022 the AEE-374 crashed on Portoviejo. Who would say that years ago the Ecuadorian Army aviation had almost 40 of these aircraft, of which a large part of them were damaged by an explosion at La Balbina in 1997. Waiting at the Mariscal Sucre Air Force Base ready for departure back to La Balbina after participating on the air parade due to the Independence Day of Ecuador. (mehr von AEE-373)
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FAE633 Preserved as a "gate guard" of the Mariscal Sucre Air Force Base at the old airport. Seen with a face mask on its nose to raise awareness of the covid-19 pandemic. (mehr von FAE633)
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BQ-102 View of the helicopter owned by the Quito firefighters resting during a sunny afternoon at its heliport inside the old Quito's Airport, now Bicentenario Park. (mehr von BQ-102)
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PH-MCS Quito's old airport! As close as you could get from the outside! (mehr von PH-MCS)
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HC-CKM This was Quito's old airport. One of the best spotting locations in the world! (mehr von HC-CKM)
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HC-CGO Petroecuador is the state-owned oil company of Ecuador. The aircraft is used as a shuttle for its employees. (mehr von HC-CGO)
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HC-CLF Almost half of the AeroGal Airbus fleet in one frame. From left to right: HC-CKP A319, HC-CLF A319, HC-CKL A319 and another Airbus in the open maintenance hall. (mehr von HC-CLF)


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HC-CFL Icaro was an Ecuadorean airline based at Quito airport. Only four days after this photo was taken, the company ceased flying. At the end, this Boeing 737-200 was the only aircraft in operation. (mehr von HC-CFL)
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HC-CKP Taking off with the amazing scenery of Quito in the background. (mehr von HC-CKP)
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HC-CLD LAN Ecuador is a subsidiary of LAN Airlines. It operates with 4 Boeing 767 and 5 Airbus A320. (mehr von HC-CLD)
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PH-MCP Taking off with the stunning scenery of Quito in the background. (mehr von PH-MCP)
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N772LA Driving on the taxiway in Quito, the captain has to do a precision job. (mehr von N772LA)
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HC-CGW Taking off with the stunning scenery of Quito in the background (mehr von HC-CGW)
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HC-CID In Tame's new color scheme and special sticker "mi pais mi aerolinea" (mehr von HC-CID)
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Overview of Quito airport. The city has surrounded the airport from all sides. A VIP Airlines Dornier 328 just accelerates and a LAN Ecuador Airbus A320 lines up.