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RA-64010 First ever landing of an TU-204 @ DUS. Coming from VKO and leaving for MUC later. (mehr von RA-64010)
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P-632 For sure the highlight of our five days in Bangkok. This one was performing a charter flight from SHE to BKK and left BKK two hours later back to FNJ. Sometimes you just need to have a lot of luck! (mehr von P-632)
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RA-64058 with Sergej Lawrow on board for a foreign minister meeting in Vienna. (mehr von RA-64058)
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RA-64058 Sergey Lavrov arriving for the Syria summit with representatives of the United States, Turkey and Saudi Arabia (mehr von RA-64058)
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RA-64010 Highlight of the Month! c/n 1450743164010 (mehr von RA-64010)
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RA-64057 Arriving approx. two hours prior to the arrival of president Putin (mehr von RA-64057)