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9L-LDC msn 1231 stored at THR since April 2006. Sad. (mehr von 9L-LDC)
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9L-LDC this Tristar is parked in the area of the Aviation Museum in Tehran (mehr von 9L-LDC)
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EP-SHV Boarding my first 707 flight ever, from Tehran to Kish. (mehr von EP-SHV)
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This Iranian Air Force 707 tanker wears the same basic colors as Saha Air (which is part of the Air Force). And now figure this: I took this shot through the cabin window of a Saha 707 lined up for takeoff when this beauty came in! (Sorry, quality is not 100%, but I think this one is quite rare!)
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EP-MHQ The good old times are back - one A310, one B727, one B707, five Tu154 and one old Mercedes truck are visible. (mehr von EP-MHQ)
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EP-IBB All planes are prepared for their first flight at this day - 3 Iran Air, 3 Mahan Air and one Kish Airlines. (mehr von EP-IBB)
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EP-MHQ Rush hour at 8 a.m. - and this is just a small part of the domestic apron (mehr von EP-MHQ)
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EP-SHE Sorry for the quality - but this is maybe the last picture of this plane. It crashed 2 flights later at THR airport during landing at nighttime. I was onboard this plane two flights before it crashed (on the same day). (mehr von EP-SHE)