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UR-09307 Cockpit taken at Tiflis during our refuel on the way to Abu Dhabi... My special thanks to all involved who made that unique trip possible.... (mehr von UR-09307)
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4L-MJX c/n 17307004. Accident with nose gear damage on 18.09.2008. (mehr von 4L-MJX)
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4L-TGT Landing roll-out. Appropriately named Tibilisi. (mehr von 4L-TGT)
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VP-BTX Taxiing to the runway. Formerly N306NB with Northwest Airlines. (mehr von VP-BTX)
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4L-AAJ Resting between flights. Note the former Independence Air CRJ parked behind. (mehr von 4L-AAJ)
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4L-AAG Slowly wasting away in the setting sun. (mehr von 4L-AAG)
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Awaiting take off clearance at runway 31L! First time I'm here during daylight so I took the chance to take a picture :-)
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97-131 New in database. A rare photo from Tbilisi. (mehr von 97-131)
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TERMINAL Here is the first glance at Tbilisi's airport terminal. When first looking at the terminal building, it's quite hard to tell that this is actually the main airport terminal as it seems to be more like some sort of a museum or a palace. Although being a bit old fashioned, this terminal sure looks very unique, and most probably one of the best looking in the region. Too bad no aircraft were present at the time to give it a bit of an airport look.