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ZK-HDD c/n 299 departing on a local charter flight (mehr von ZK-HDD)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #616785 / 188 Aufrufe
Email Autor Korrektur ID #616784 / 35 Aufrufe
ZK-MKG c/n LJ-1367 departing on a regular charter (mehr von ZK-MKG)
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ZK-HWS c/n 2643 has just been washed ready for her next load of sightseeing passengers. (mehr von ZK-HWS)
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DQ-FJH c/n 29969 departing as the last of the sun sets over the bay. (mehr von DQ-FJH)
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ZK-SWK c/n 148 is the only based flying boat at WLG. (mehr von ZK-SWK)
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ZK-NER c/n 639 is the newest Dash 8 for Air Nelson and is seen just after delivery. She entered passenger service 2 days later. New airframe to database. (mehr von ZK-NER)
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ZK-DAK c/n 26480 visiting on a charter with additional NAC titles that were applied for a recent New Zealand tour (mehr von ZK-DAK)
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NZ7004 c/n 4312 operating with 40 Squadron moments after take-off on a trooping flight. (mehr von NZ7004)
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N146KM c/n 41046 is still stored in WLG awaiting delivery to her new owner. Still in full Origin Pacific colours as ZK-JSE, even though she was removed from the Kiwi registar in December 06 (mehr von N146KM)
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N2T c/n 9162. ex C-FCOZ. Built in 2004. Must be the most unusal looking Biz Jet ever to visit WLG. (mehr von N2T)
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B-2496 c/n 30301 departing after a state visit to the New Zealand capital city (mehr von B-2496)
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ZK-ECI c/n 946 in the smart new colours that are been adopted by Air National. (mehr von ZK-ECI)
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N693BR c/n 7761 a few months before the airline finished operations. New reg to database. (mehr von N693BR)
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ZK-PDM c/n 208-00240 departing to Picton (mehr von ZK-PDM)
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ZK-NSS c/n AC-692B waiting for the ambulance to arrive with the next stretcher patient. Note the lift on the rear hold door. Opertaed on behalf of NZ Community Trust and the Lifeflight trust (mehr von ZK-NSS)
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ZK-JTP c/n 24441 arriving from Sydney. Operated by Jet Connect (mehr von ZK-JTP)
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NZ4206 c/n 5401 leaving the military ramp on a training flight. Operated by 5 Squadron. First view on database (mehr von NZ4206)
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N295SK c/n 145513 operated by Chautauqua Airlines arriving on an early morning domestic flight (mehr von N295SK)
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N844HK c/n 145838 looking smart in the new colours.Operated by Trans State Airlines. New reg to database (mehr von N844HK)
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N9325 c/n 341 was built in June 1929 and retired in 1987. Was registerd G-AARO 1979-1983 before re-sale to the U.S. (mehr von N9325)
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N4170A Bu 91453 is painted in USMC colors of VMT 232 (USS Carl Vinson). A very nice addition amongst all the Cessna aircraft (mehr von N4170A)
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N686BR c/n 7715 a few months before the airline finished operations. New reg to database. (mehr von N686BR)
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N682BR c/n 7691 a few months before the airline finished operations (mehr von N682BR)
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140312 She is the sole surviving example of an Ar 234 anywhere in the world, but was was one of nine Ar 234s surrendered to British forces at Sola airfield near Stavanger, Norway whilst operating with 9/KG 76. Now beautifully displayed in 8./KG 76 markings.