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D-AEAL Another beautiful heavy cargo airliner visiting Linz Airport on the Leipzig schedule. (mehr von D-AEAL)
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I-ADJK Gliding down RWY 08 on arrival from Frankfurt/Main Intl. as schedule EN 8040. (mehr von I-ADJK)
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D-AIUF The afternoon light is bright and clear as this 2014-built A320 arrives Linz Airport from Frankfurt/Main Intl. as Lufthansa flight LH 1252. (mehr von D-AIUF)
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EC-KOM Taxiing out to the departure runway with the city of La Laguna in the background. (mehr von EC-KOM)
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EC-KOM Full power for departure back to Madrid-Barajas Intl. (mehr von EC-KOM)
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EC-KLR Slowing down on RWY 30 after a short flight from Gran Canaria Island. (mehr von EC-KLR)
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EC-MMM This turboprop is named after the Gofio Canario - one of the oldest Canarian food products by the first native inhabitants that is still produced today by the usage of windmills. (mehr von EC-MMM)
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EC-MJG Taking a closer look to ATR 'Los Gofiones' (the name of a musician group from Gran Canaria) departing Los Rodeos Airport in the evening sunlight. (mehr von EC-MJG)
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EC-KYI Named 'Guarapo' - a special type of honey that is made of the juice from Canary palm trees on the island of La Gomera. (mehr von EC-KYI)
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EC-FTR Bringing the last Christmas presents to Austria in an early and rainy morning. Merry Christmas to everyone! (mehr von EC-FTR)
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EC-IZO This turboprop was in service for Binter Canarias until 2016. Departing Los Rodeaos Airport with the city of La Laguna in the background. (mehr von EC-IZO)
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EC-JQL Wearing the airline's old livery. This ATR-72 is named after volcano Teide on Tenerife Island - the highest mountain in the Atlantic Ocean area. (mehr von EC-JQL)
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EC-MSJ Named after the 'Virgen del Pino' - it is told that the face of the holy virgin appeared in the wood of a massive pine tree in the village of El Paso on the island of La Palma. (mehr von EC-MSJ)
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OE-LGA The first Dash 8-Q400 of fomer owner Tyrolean Airways resting on the apron to await the next flight to Dusseldorf Intl. Built in 1999 and named after the state of Kaernten (Carinthia). (mehr von OE-LGA)
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I-ADJV Touching down on RWY 08 to complete schedule EN 8040 from Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von I-ADJV)
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D-AEAN Engine startup straight before a night flight back home to Leipzig-Halle Intl. This widebody was originally built for Japan Air Systems in 1994 (registrated as JA8564). It also flew under the same registration for Japan Airlines and Japan Airlines Domestic. (mehr von D-AEAN)
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OE-LCK Morning flight OE 2600 from Vienna/Schwechat to Tenerife-Sur/Reina Sofia. Photo as we're flying over the Austrian Alpes that are touched by the first rays of the sun. (mehr von OE-LCK)
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EC-KCG Wearing a sticker to promote Puerto Rico island in the Caribbean Sea. (mehr von EC-KCG)