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F-WXWB One of the greatest highlights to Linz Airport in the year 2014: A prototype Airbus A350 came to our airport to perfom wet-runway tests. This is the first visit of an A350 in Austria. (mehr von F-WXWB)
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OE-LBV On short final to Dionysios Solomos Airport/Zakynthos Island. We just passed Laganas Beach that can be seen in the right corner of the photo. Picture taken on Austrian - my holiday flight OS 9015 from Linz (seat 17F). (mehr von OE-LBV)
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OE-LKB Operating scheduled flights to Vienna on behalf of Austrian Airlines. [1920px] (mehr von OE-LKB)
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OE-LBP Back in times when this A320 wore this wonderful retro-colour-scheme that is taking you back to the 1950's. "Bravo Papa" is named after the "Neusiedlersee", next to Lake Constance the biggest lake in Austria, located a few kilometers south of Vienna. The "Retro-Jet" is operating flight AUA9069 to Chania/Crete Island. (mehr von OE-LBP)
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EC-KOM Lifting off the runway on its way to Madrid-Barajas Intl. (mehr von EC-KOM)
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OE-LOO Turning left as we're passing the city of Las Palmas/Gran Canaria Island which can be seen in the left corner of the picture. Photo taken from seat 28A a few minutes after departure from Tenerife Sur Airport on flight OE 2601 back home to Austria (Vienna-Schwechat). (mehr von OE-LOO)
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HA-LTG Final approach to RWY 34 of Vienna Intl. Airport to complete our 4-hour flight from Tel Aviv Intl. Shot taken from seat 23A on the Wizz Air schedule W6 2812. (mehr von HA-LTG)
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HA-LTE Colourful sunrise over Eastern Austria. Morning schedule W6 2811 from Vienna-Schwechat Intl. to Ben Gurion Intl./Tel Aviv. Taken from seat 20E. (mehr von HA-LTE)
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VQ-BCQ What a beautiful widebody jetliner coming up to me on its way to the departure runway on a long-haul flight back home to Moscow-Scheremetyevo Intl. (mehr von VQ-BCQ)
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D-AEAC Face to face with a very beautiful and elegant long-haul Airbus. (mehr von D-AEAC)
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OO-JNL 'Sunshine' leaving sunny Tenerife Island bound for Amsterdam-Schiphol Intl. (mehr von OO-JNL)
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EC-LGF Named after a special species of fish that is habitated in the Atlantic Ocean around the Canary Islands and is called 'Pejeverde'. (mehr von EC-LGF)
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SU-TMM It was a very cold and foggy night when this beautiful 737 visited Linz in the new colours of FlyEgypt. Seasonal holiday flight FEG 3042 to Hurghada Intl. (mehr von SU-TMM)
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D-AEAL Another beautiful heavy cargo airliner visiting Linz Airport on the Leipzig schedule. (mehr von D-AEAL)