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JA740J Flight JL42 nonstop from Tokyo-Haneda Intl. on arrival to runway 27R. (mehr von JA740J)
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HB-IPT LX324 "Grand-Saconnex" from Zurich-Kloten Intl. on arrival to runway 27R. (mehr von HB-IPT)
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G-VNEW VS401 "Birthday Girl" nonstop from Dubai Intl. on arrival to runway 27R. (mehr von G-VNEW)
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OE-LOC The first visit of Niki Lauda's new commercial airline "LaudaMotion" to Linz Airport. The aircraft is still wearing the basic colours of its former owner Air Berlin (ex D-ABFC). Operating one of the first seasonal holiday flights to Corfu/Greece on behalf of Eurowings (flight EW4424). (mehr von OE-LOC)
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OK-NEM Ferry flight OK6504 from Prague-Vaclav Havel on arrival. To operate a holiday flight to Rome-FCO. (mehr von OK-NEM)
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F-GYPE Taxiing to runway 26 for departure as charter flight PEA007 to Valencia-Manises/Spain. (mehr von F-GYPE)
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S5-AAU Holiday flight JP3235 from Bastia/Corsica Island. This Regional Jet was built for Iraqi Airways (YI-AQI) in 2012 and has been in service for Adria Airways since 2014. (mehr von S5-AAU)
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4O-AOA Flight YM5012 from Podgorica/Montenegro taxiing in towards position 21. (mehr von 4O-AOA)
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S5-AAV Arriving ferry from Ljubljana-Brnik to perform a charter flight to Olbia-Costa Smeralda/Sardinia Island. (mehr von S5-AAV)
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D-ABDQ This Airbus is wearing a beautiful colour scheme promoting the "Europa Park" in Rust/Germany. "Ed & Edda Europaparkmaus" are the mascots of this park. They are shown in great size and detail on the aircraft's fuselage/vertical stabilizer. D-ABDQ is well known to Linz Airport as it was operating many holiday flights for Niki in times of its former operator Air Berlin. (mehr von D-ABDQ)
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I-ADJL Air Dolomiti is now operating the Frankfurt-schedule LH1250/1251 for Lufthansa using Embraer 195 Jets. (mehr von I-ADJL)
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LZ-DEO This MD-80 was built in 1981 and is the oldest MD-80 still flying. Awaiting a charter flight to Valencia/Spain. (mehr von LZ-DEO)
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OE-LGR One of Austrian Airlines' Dash 8 Turboprops in full Star Alliance colours on the evening schedule OS 211 to Dusseldorf Intl. This aircraft is named "Tyrolean Spirit". (mehr von OE-LGR)
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D-AECG Lufthansa Regional is using Embraer 190 and CRJ-900 Jetliners on the daily schedules from its main hub Frankfurt/Main. (mehr von D-AECG)
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D-ACNF On its way to parking position 21 after arrival from Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-ACNF)
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LZ-BHI Resting on position 23 while awaiting its next flight after a ski-charter from Sweden. (mehr von LZ-BHI)
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HB-JOG Ferry flight to Zurich-Kloten after operating a charter from Ibiza. In the background you can see a Lufthansa Regional CRJ-900 bound for Frankfurt/Main. (mehr von HB-JOG)
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OE-LBE The "Wachau Cultural Landscape" on its way to Vienna after bringing back winter-tourists from Kittilae/Lapland. (mehr von OE-LBE)
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D-AECG Starting its way to Frankfurt/Main Intl. as flight DLH1253. (mehr von D-AECG)
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LZ-MDO Two days prior to this capture, Via Airways operated an incoming ski-charter to Linz Airport from Goeteborg-Landvetter using this A320. It is now departing to Tripoli-Mitiga as ferry flight VAW1001. This aircraft has already been in service for many different airlines, including Iberworld (Spain), Spring Airlines (China), Senegal Airlines (Senegal), Aerovista (Greece) and Air Via (Bulgaria). (mehr von LZ-MDO)
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SU-TMH A new charter airline for Linz Airport: FlyEgypt is operating a holiday flight to Hurghada via Graz every sunday. This picture shows FEG3042 during engine startup. (mehr von SU-TMH)