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OK-NFV Summer charter flight OK 6904 to Bol-Brac Island/Croatia shortly before starting its way to the departure runway. Together with its sister aircraft this ATR-Turboprop is celebrating the 95-year-anniversary of CSA (founded in 1923) by wearing special stickers on the rear fuselage. (mehr von OK-NFV)
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D-ACNL Taxiing to the active for departure to Frankfurt/Main Intl. with the sunset straight behind. (mehr von D-ACNL)
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D-ASPK Holiday Jet 5P 5946 taxiing in after arrival from Crete-Iraklion. (mehr von D-ASPK)
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OE-LGF Today the Austrian Airlines evening schedule OS211 to Dusseldorf Intl. is operated by Dash 8 OE-LGF, named "Niederoesterreich" (Lower Austria). (mehr von OE-LGF)
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OM-KEX Operating charter flight FEG 3041 from Hurghada Intl. on behalf of FlyEgypt. (mehr von OM-KEX)
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SU-TMH FlyEgypt is visiting Linz with a Boeing 737-800 every sunday. This time it is SU-TMH arriving from sunny Hurghada at the Red Sea. The last summer evening light gives a warm touch to this beautiful aircraft. (mehr von SU-TMH)
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OE-LBX One of Austrian Airlines' Star Alliance Jets entering taxiway "Golf" after arrival from Crete-Chania via RWY 26. (mehr von OE-LBX)
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OE-LBM Holiday jet OS9147 rocketing out of Linz bound for Rhodes Island in the Eastern Aegean Sea. The aircraft was built in 2001 for its first owner LTU, for which it flew under the registration of D-ALTE. Between 2004 and 2008 it was leased by LTU Austria registrated as OE-LTU and visited Linz many times on several charter flights. The next owner was Air Berlin - the aircraft was re-registered as D-ALTE. Since March 2013 this Airbus has been in service for Austrian Airlines. It is named after Mount "Arlberg" in Western Austria which is famous for its many skiing areas. (mehr von OE-LBM)
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OE-LBX Full brakes for this fully loaded holiday jet arriving Linz from Crete Island. "The Mostviertel" is operating charter flight OS9069 from Chania-Souda via Graz. (mehr von OE-LBX)
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TC-TLD Summer charter flight TI361 taxiing in after arrival from Antalya Intl. (mehr von TC-TLD)
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SU-BTM Charter flight SM3358 on departure to Marsa Alam via Graz. Nice to catch this beautiful Egyptian bird in the last bright evening light of the day. (mehr von SU-BTM)
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D-ACNG Flight LH1255 on its way to RWY08 for an evening departure to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-ACNG)
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D-ASPK A new fleet addition for Small Planet Airlines Germany since July 2018: This Airbus A320 was built in 2002 and has already been in service for USA 3000 (N263AV), Volareweb, XL Airways Germany (D-AXLB) and Frontier Airlines (N219FR). Holiday Jet 5P5943 to Kos Island shortly before departure. (mehr von D-ASPK)
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LY-KLJ Arriving from Istanbul-Sabiha Gocken Intl. bringing football club Besiktas Istanbul for a match to Linz. Built for Continental Airlines (USA, N14662) in 1998 this Boeing 737 was in service for Transaero Airlines (Russia, VP-BYJ) until it entered the fleet of KlasJet in February 2017. (mehr von LY-KLJ)
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YR-FKB Resting on position 22W after flying a football team from Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. to Linz (V32918). To operate the schedule Linz-Malaga-Budapest-Linz-Oslo on the following two days. Nice to see this beautiful bird, built in 1991 here at Linz-Airport. (mehr von YR-FKB)
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OE-LYY Approaching Vienna Intl. from Las Palmas/Gran Canaria Island somewhere over Slovenia. Today flight EW 5907 is operated by OE-LYY (ex Germanwings D-AGWQ). Picture taken from seat 14F. (mehr von OE-LYY)
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OE-IQD Turning left over the Channel Sea in a very beautiful evening light. Flight EW 4393 from London-Stansted to Salzburg-Maxglan. This plane took me to London-Heathrow a few days before. Photo taken from seat 24A this time. (mehr von OE-IQD)
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S5-AAP Flight JP 3949 starting its way for a ferry flight to Ljubljana-Brnik after completing a charter from Tallinn/Estonia. (mehr von S5-AAP)
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OE-LYZ Aboard holiday flight EW 5906 from Vienna-Schwechat to Las Palmas/Gran Canaria Island. This photo was taken as we were turning to approach for RWY 03L straight over the airport which can be seen the left part of the picture. Window view from seat 19F. (mehr von OE-LYZ)
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N718AN Flight AA38 nonstop from Miami Intl. on arrival to RWY 27L. (mehr von N718AN)
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VT-ANR Flight AI161 nonstop from Delhi-Indira Gandhi Intl. on arrival to RWY 27L. (mehr von VT-ANR)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1506758 / 19 Aufrufe
G-BYGE Flight BA178 nonstop from New York-John F. Kennedy Intl. on arrival to RWY 27R. (mehr von G-BYGE)
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G-EUPO Flight BA735 from Geneve-Cointrin on arrival to RWY 27R. [1800px] (mehr von G-EUPO)
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G-VIIK Flight BA461 from Madrid-Barajas Intl. on arrival to RWY 27R. [1800px] (mehr von G-VIIK)
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D-AIQC Flight EW468 from Cologne-Konrad Adenauer on arrival to RWY 27R. (mehr von D-AIQC)