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HB-JMA 'Frauenfeld' being pulled to the servicing area of the airport. (mehr von HB-JMA)
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RA-82043 Nice to see such a large cargo airliner face to face in the 'blue hour' with a colourful sunset behind. Operating a routing from and to the Cape Verdes Islands (Stanta Maria - Linz - Espargos). (mehr von RA-82043)
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D-ASMR Ferry flight SDR827F to Kassel-Calden. Operated several charter flights for students to celebrate their A-levels in Lamezia Terme/Calabria. (mehr von D-ASMR)
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TF-FIU One of the most outstanding liveries I have ever seen is this Boeing 757 in the famous 'Hekla Aurora' paintscheme. While 'Hekla' is a traditional Icelandic girl's name and also the name of an volcano, 'Aurora' stands for the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) that are promoted by this colourscheme. Dedicated to my spotting friends Mr. Martin Nimmervoll and Mr. Phil Greiml, as this is definitely one of the highlights of our visit to Zurich - thanks for another great spotting trip! (mehr von TF-FIU)
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HL8250 Departing ZRH via RWY 32 in the last evening sunlight. (mehr von HL8250)
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G-SWRD Resting on position 22 after a heavy shower. (mehr von G-SWRD)
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HB-JHQ Named after Mount Pizol near the city of Chur/Switzerland. (mehr von HB-JHQ)
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HB-JHG 'Glarus' lifting off the runway. (mehr von HB-JHG)
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OE-LBS After a heavy shower the clouds lit for a few minutes giving the evening sun the chance to illuminate this Airbus in a very warm light. 'Waldviertel' on holiday flight OS 9147 to Rhodes Island. (mehr von OE-LBS)
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TC-NBE This beautiful Airbus A320neo is being illuminated by the very last rays of the sun while leaving the runway after landing from Antalya Intl. (charter flight PC 6223). Nice to have Pegasus Airlines back to Linz twice a week. (mehr von TC-NBE)
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9H-TJC Taxiing in after arrival as summer charter flight XR 6201 from Heraklion-Nikos Kazantzakis Intl. (mehr von 9H-TJC)
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TC-TJU Morning arrival on holiday flight XC 3205 from Antalya Intl. (mehr von TC-TJU)
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LZ-LDJ Full-power departure to Burgas/Bulgaria. Reminds me of the times back in the 90s when Aero Lloyd and Austrian Airlines also based their MD-80s in Linz to operate several flights to holiday destinations around the Mediterranean Sea. (mehr von LZ-LDJ)