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ZS-GAL A beautiful Airbus with some bright and golden sunset colours behind. Capture of charter flight CXI 3202 nonstop to Antalya Intl. (mehr von ZS-GAL)
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ZS-GAL A late summer charter flight taxiing in after arrival from Antalya Intl. (CXI 3201). ZS-GAL is one out of five Corendon-Jets that wear a special sticker promoting the antique city of Aspendos in Turkey. (mehr von ZS-GAL)
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D-ACNE Schedule LH 1255 on the way to the active for departure to Frankfurt/Main Intl. during the 'Golden Hour' of this late summer day. (mehr von D-ACNE)
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YL-LCP SunExpress A320 arriving Heraklion from Frankfurt/Main Intl. (XG 2013). Met this Airbus two years ago at my homebase airport in Linz when it was flying for Monarch Airlines. (mehr von YL-LCP)
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OO-JAH 'Perspective' on charter flight TB 2272 to Liege with a short stop on Rhodes Island. (mehr von OO-JAH)
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OY-TCF Taxiing out to the departure runway on its way home to Billund (flight DK 1273). (mehr von OY-TCF)
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G-FDZD Summer holiday flight BY 5448 on final to Crete Island from London-Stansted Intl. (mehr von G-FDZD)
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OO-JAO Blue waves on the aircraft and in the background - a combination I like! Charter flight TB 5162 shortly before departure to Lille/France. (mehr von OO-JAO)
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D-ASXO What a beautiful painted holiday jet! Entering its departure runway on flight XG 2076 to Dusseldorf Intl. (mehr von D-ASXO)
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OY-TCD Holiday flight DK 1417 bound for Malmo entering RWY 27 for departure. (mehr von OY-TCD)
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RA-82077 Another big cargo airliner at Linz Airport. This AN-124 arrived from Leipzig-Halle to operate a cargo flight to Espargos/Cape Verde Islands on the following day (VDA 2273). (mehr von RA-82077)
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OY-VKH A very elegant long-haul jetliner arriving to the beautiful holiday island Crete as flight DK 1684 nonstop from Stockholm-Arlanda Intl. (mehr von OY-VKH)
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TC-TJN Charter flight CAI 3202 preparing for departure to Antalya Intl. This is the last aircraft in the Corendon fleet that wears the airline's old colourscheme. (mehr von TC-TJN)
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D-ACNA 'Amberg' on the evening schedule LH 1254 to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-ACNA)
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OE-IQD This livery makes you looking forward to your next holiday! Flight EW 6867 departing Linz for Palma de Mallorca Intl. via 26. (mehr von OE-IQD)
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9H-AJW Entering RWY 27 for departure to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Intl. as flight BBG 753. (mehr von 9H-AJW)
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LY-OWL Arriving to Crete Island from Amsterdam-Schiphol Intl. as flight OR 185. This A320 has already been in service for America West Airlines/USA (N670AW), Air Deccan/India (VT-DKW), Kolavia/Russia (TC-KLA), Metrojet/Russia (EI-FDL), Atlas Global/Turkey (TC-AGO), Small Planet Airlines Germany (D-ASPE - note the basic colours on the VStab and engines) and GetJet Airlines. (mehr von LY-OWL)
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OY-JTS Arriving to Crete Island from Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. as holiday flight JTG 993. (mehr von OY-JTS)
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9H-TJG Just departed Linz Airport via RWY 08 and banking right straight to the south on our way to Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis/Crete Island (charter flight CXI 6202). In the right corner of the picture you can see the city of Traun located next to LOWL. The distance shows the city of Wels with its regional airport LOLW. Shot taken from seat 18F aboard this ex Air Berlin 737-800 (D-ABBT). (mehr von 9H-TJG)
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ZS-GAS Evening charter flight CAI 3202 to Antalya Intl. This A 320 is leased from Global Aviation, South Africa. (mehr von ZS-GAS)
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HB-JVT Departing Linz for EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse Freiburg as flight 2L 8339. (mehr von HB-JVT)
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OE-LBP Entering taxiway 'Fox' after a 08 landing from Rhodes-Diagoras as evening holiday flight OS 9148. I already met this A 320 in Innsbruck a few months ago. (mehr von OE-LBP)
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LZ-LDJ Resting on position 11 to await its next flight to the Mediterranean Sea. Bulgarian Air Charter has based this Maddog in Linz to operate several holiday flights to Greece (Kos, Rhodes, Crete-Heraklion, Corfu) and Bulgaria (Burgas). Originally built for Alitalia in 1995 (I-DATM). (mehr von LZ-LDJ)
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TC-NBM 'Ekin Naz' on a night charter flight from Linz to sunny Antalya (PC 6224). (mehr von TC-NBM)