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JA8232 Lovely 767-200, I think only 3 left in JAL operations? [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von JA8232)
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EI-CXV Now with visit Mongolian Year 2003 sticker! Aircraft named after "Khubelai Khan" (mehr von EI-CXV)
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N789UA Dedicate this shot to all UA853 NRT-PEK (23/Feb) HKG based flight crew and ORD base captain Golden, lots of attractive and caring Chinese crew that flight! [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von N789UA)
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UR-85707 Beijing have some extremely interesting traffic! [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von UR-85707)
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9M-MKI 5 times a week between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von 9M-MKI)
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B-2993 This is the new color of China Xinhua, instead with the green cheatline, this airline now belongs to Hainan Airlines group, hence the same color scheme. [Fujichrome Provia Slide] (mehr von B-2993)
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B-3078 Shandong airlines used Saab 340 and CRJ for its regional operation. [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von B-3078)
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B-2938 So Chinese pretty! [Fujichrome Provia Slide] (mehr von B-2938)
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B-2851 Outstanding photo spot! Dedicate this shot to that spot! (mehr von B-2851)
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B-5030 B737NGs is taking its roll in China! [Fujichrome Provia Slide] (mehr von B-5030)
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B-2387 This is the real blue sky that I am disappointed my digital camera cannot match the right color than my slides! [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von B-2387)
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B-2695 B737NGs is taking its roll in China! [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von B-2695)
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B-2652 One of many Chinese themed special color, turning onto 36L for a early morning departure. [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von B-2652)
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B-2492 Sun, snow and sparkling new plane! [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von B-2492)
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B-2051 Perfect spot and perfect slide shot. [Fujichrome Provia Slide] (mehr von B-2051)
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D-ABOG Another loads of German tourist prepare to go down to the pool and have unlimited cheap beer! [Fujichrome Provia Slide] (mehr von D-ABOG)
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B-18573 Ahhh so pretty color! Turning off the Rwy and in front of me! [Fujichrome Provia Slide] (mehr von B-18573)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #91905 / 201 Aufrufe
HS-TJC Climb out from the bush! Dedicate this shot to Dann Borduas! [Fujichrome Provia Slide] (mehr von HS-TJC)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #91904 / 363 Aufrufe
RA-96006 I think just the secnery behind deserves 1 roll of this beauty! Dedicated this shot to Royal who have a problem to pronnunce the name of Phuket! [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von RA-96006)
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HS-UTB 28mm shot on the rock! Yeah, you can almost jump on to the wing! (mehr von HS-UTB)
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HS-TRB This is the cutest plane in Thai fleet, dedicate to all the pretty Thai girls I met this trip! [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von HS-TRB)
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JY-AIB 50mm shot of this Jordanian beauty taxing for 21R takeoff just before sunset. [Fujichrome Provia Slide] (mehr von JY-AIB)
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B-18202 Dynasty 5 heavy bound for Taipei, a 13 hours of crossing. They have one of the prettiest color scheme! [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von B-18202)
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HS-TGJ Wherever I go, I see Royal Barge around me! I can't help but take a picture of her! [Fujichrome Velvia Slide] (mehr von HS-TGJ)
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N785AN It is extremely hard to shot well on American, yet you can read the reg. clearly. (mehr von N785AN)