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97167 Hellenic Air Force Celebration 2009 - special coloured gate guard at LGTS
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View of terminal of Thessaloniki airport.
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Short final rwy 16. Interesting view of Thessaloniki airport: one Aegean A320 taxing to holding point RWY 16, but another Aegean`s A320 waiting our landing at holding point RWY 34. Wind was calm and crews might choosing runway for departure by himself.
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102003 (023) c/n 1216. ex N440GA. Built in 1993. The Swedish Air Force electronic intelligence equipped Gulfstream IV night stoped in Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport.
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TK.17-1 (47-01) Very rare aircraft not only for Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport ! You do not see everyday 707's and especially with the original stage 1 noise JT-3D's ! Built in 30 December 1968 and delivered in March 1969 to TWA as N8731. (mehr von TK.17-1)
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YR-BIB After landing on rwy 16.Former Ryanair EI-CSM. (mehr von YR-BIB)
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TF-ARN Not every day sight in Thessaloniki ! Very rare type and airline in the region.Hauling a cargo of marbles ! (mehr von TF-ARN)
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SX-DIX The second BAe 146 of Astra Airlines arrived at Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport in 20 May is the former Air Dolomiti I-ADJF (cn E3193). First flew in 1991 for Aer Lingus as EI-CTO.First photo in the net ! (mehr von SX-DIX)
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SX-BSS c/n 125116. Vary rare H.S.125 with the original R-R Viper turbojet engines! First flight was 42 years ago in 1966! Stored in Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport since July 2003. Former registrations G-ATZN, N93TC, N136LK, N345DA, (N90SR), N345CT and N726CC. First time on PPnet. (mehr von SX-BSS)
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RA-85786 This is what I call all wheather photography! A short interruption of the return flight preparations by the sudden summer downpour. Notice the faded Taban Air titles in english and farsi ! (mehr von RA-85786)
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UP-T5404 First time in the net with the new registration prefix. (mehr von UP-T5404)
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SX-BIA Named after the ancient Greek philosopher PLATO (mehr von SX-BIA)
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UR-VVQ Short final 34 after a flight from Kiev. (mehr von UR-VVQ)
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OM-NGJ SkyEurope flight from Vienna. Short final runway 34. (mehr von OM-NGJ)
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SX-TID A special visitor in Thessaloniki airport operating an election charter from Cyprus (mehr von SX-TID)
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