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N774AS - Welcome to Vancouver! You either like it, or like it a lot! [Canon 10D] (mehr von N774AS)
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A view of the booming downtown Calgary as we're on 3 mile final for runway 34. The hot-air balloons are loving it too! [Nikon F90x / 35-70F3.3 + KR64]
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B-2496 - Kodachrome 25 was an absolutely gorgeous film in all facets - a 2400dpi scan just doesn't do it enough justice. [Nikon F90x / 80-200F2.8 + KR25] (mehr von B-2496)
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C-FGHZ - this plane only looked right in one color scheme, and one color scheme alone, and that was Canadi>ns. In any case, FGHZ - I wish you many safe flights in the future as you strut your wings for other airlines. [Nikon F90x / 35-70F3.3 + KR25] (mehr von C-FGHZ)
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PH-BZA - what better airline to show off the the truly spectacular and vibrant colors of Kodachrome 25 than KLM? As we so often say here in Vancouver: spoogeworthy! (pssst - spread the word!) [Nikon F90x / 35-70F3.3 + KR25] (mehr von PH-BZA)
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C-FTNG - finally a touch-down shot with the fast-glass. This one's dedicated to quite simply the best aircraft out there, the L-1011! [Nikon F90x / 80-200F2.8 + KR64] (mehr von C-FTNG)
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B-HXG - Cathay "Ite-Two-Ite" cleared to land 26R. [Nikon F90x / 80-200F2.8 + KR64] (mehr von B-HXG)
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C-GMWW - so nice to nail Maxwell Ward one last time, albeit with a JAL nosecone. Looks funny. At the time of this writing, on Oct31st-2003, she's having titles removed. The legacy of the 747 in Canada is quickly coming to a close, much to my dismay. [Nikon F90x / 35-70F3.3 + KR25] (mehr von C-GMWW)
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C-GMWW - I don't think Maxwell Ward ever imagined he'd have his name pinned on an Air Canada aircraft. Shows how volatile this industry really is. [Nikon F90x / 80-200F2.8 + KR64] (mehr von C-GMWW)
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- for a 25-26 million passenger airport, this terminal is DEAD. I would've thought 11pm was happy-hour for AirTransat. It's also funny watching airport workers so hard at work. We've got 2 guys doing the work, and another just "observing". Excellent productivity if you ask me ;) [Nikon F90x / 35-70F3.3 + KR64]
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C-FCAF - all systems GO! She's ready for another trip across the atlantic. [Nikon F90x / 80-200F2.8 + KR64] (mehr von C-FCAF)
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C-FBEF - 2 762s with very different colored tails. One's almost pink! Time for a repaint I reckon'! [Nikon F90x / 80-200F2.8 + KR64] (mehr von C-FBEF)
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D-ABTH - Auf Wiedersehen - bis nšchsten mal! / Take care, until next time! By the time this aircraft landed in Frankfurt, I'd be on my way east also. [Nikon F90x / 80-200F2.8 + 1.4X + KR64] (mehr von D-ABTH)
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C-FMWV - a 30-second exposure gives you a good idea of how magical an airport is at night. Lots of background action, and a 763 in the foreground ready for its flight to TelAviv. C-GAGL is resting for another trans-atlantic journey to Frankfurt. [Nikon F90x / 35-70F3.3 + KR64] (mehr von C-FMWV)
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B-HUI - grab your two 'sheilas' Craig Murray, and enjoy this phat dedicatio shot of your favourite airline :) [Nikon F90x / 80-200F2.8 + KR64] (mehr von B-HUI)
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C-FMWY - it's amazing how an airport comes to life at night; how a minute's worth of action can be welded into a single frame, allowing the picture to speak for itself. This one's for Dean, who's night-shots are an inspiration to us all. [Nikon F90x / 35-70F3.3 + KR64] (mehr von C-FMWY)
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C-GOOV Having a little bit of fun, we decided to race each other (Rich Austen) back to Boundary Bay from Penticton in "formation" on the 250' radial outbound from the Princeton VOR (pre-arranged of course). Loads of fun I tell ya, adds a new challenge to flying, and over the majestic Canadian mountains - priceless. Of course we know who landed first ;) (mehr von C-GOOV)
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C-GMWW - this is what a $900,000+ boo-boo looks like! The winglet of C-GMWW scraped against the winglet of another company 744 in late 2001. This is the reason C-GMWW was seen outside of YVR's CP hangar without winglets during its temporary storage. (mehr von C-GMWW)
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N293AW very rare... registration only lasted a few days. (mehr von N293AW)
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