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N6124 CA-226/A-876. ex RCAF serial 2347. Many thanks to Bill Walker for identifying this aircraft. (mehr von N6124)
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C-FPQM One of two Cats in Buffalo's hangar...currently for sale aor $300,000 (mehr von C-FPQM)
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C-FOFI c/n CV343. Built in 1944. One of two Cats in Buffalo's hangar. Currently for sale aor $300,000. (mehr von C-FOFI)
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C-FDTH One of two DC-3's stored in Buffalo Airway's hangar (mehr von C-FDTH)
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C-FFAY One of three DC-3's/DST's parked on the ramp adjacent to the Buffalo Airways hangar (mehr von C-FFAY)
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CF-YQG This veteran is currently stored outside the Buffalo Airways hangar at Red Deer (mehr von CF-YQG)
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CF-VQV One of very few surviving DST's, this aircraft was delivered to United Airlines in November 1940 (mehr von CF-VQV)
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17522 This nose section from an ex-RCAF Northstar across the street from the Buffalo Airways hangar was unexpected find
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The future of these aircraft is uncertain due to the mandate by the Canadian Government retiring them after the 2004 season
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These seven A-26 aircraft were lined up at Red Deer and were in various states of readiness
Email Autor Korrektur ID #291853 / 154 Aufrufe
N287F Picked clean of parts, this Electra's days are numbered (mehr von N287F)
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17522 Having been involved in a landing accident in the UK in 1954, its a mystery how the nose section of 17522 made its way to Red Deer


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F-GBUI Ultimate "boy toy"....everyone needs one of these parked in their hangar. (mehr von F-GBUI)
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N9323Z (483514) c/n 44-83514. Built in 1944. This Mesa, Arizona based B-17G had a blown #2 engine. They had been selling rides the previous week but now were limited to ground tours only! (mehr von N9323Z)
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C-GYVI Still in faux military markings after being used for the filming of a John Travolta motion picture. Aircraft was being converted to a tanker during our visit. (mehr von C-GYVI)
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C-FZCS ex-EAL N5532 undergoing maintenance in Airspray's hangar (mehr von C-FZCS)
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C-GZVM Still in Renown colors, C-GZVM was in the hangar for some quick repairs to her wing before heading back out her firefighting duties (mehr von C-GZVM)
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C-FVFI ex-Mandala and Air Cal Electra on the ramp at Red Deer (mehr von C-FVFI)
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C-GZYH ex-Varig and American Airlines Electra is a possible candidate for conversion to an air tanker by Airspray (mehr von C-GZYH)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #291788 / 114 Aufrufe
C-GHZM "Fire Eaters" was featured in the Richard Dreyfus motion picture "Always" (mehr von C-GHZM)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #291787 / 75 Aufrufe
C-GWLT A number of the A-26's had missing engines and props (mehr von C-GWLT)
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C-FAGO This beauty looked like she was ready to go fire fighting at a moment's notice (mehr von C-FAGO)
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C-FMXS Waiting at the pier for another load of sightseeing toursts (mehr von C-FMXS)
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N726AL ex-Air Cal and Aloha Airliners now serves as a training fuselage at Abottsford (mehr von N726AL)