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9V-BBE All five first generation B.737-100s originally built for MSA-Malaysia-Singapore Airlines were put into service for the first time in 1969 and transferred to Singapore AL in autumn 1972. 9V-BBE and sistership 9V-BFF left the Singapore AL fleet in August 1980 and were sold, like the first three, to Air Florida (mehr von 9V-BBE)
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900 On display at the RSAF Museum. The TA-4S and TA-4S-1 were upgraded by Singapore Aircraft Industries (SAI) into the TA-4SU Super Skyhawk, of which the RSAF was the only operator of the type with its unique double cockpit arrangement. The two-seat Skyhawk trainer was combat capable. SAI replaced the Wright J65 turbojet with a non-afterburning GE F404 engine on RSAF Skyhawks during the upgrade. (mehr von 900)
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PK-GNU Three sisterships were sold to Aero Lloyd in 1982, retaining the basic Garuda colours. (mehr von PK-GNU)
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9V-BFW Triumvirat - all three Cargo B.707s of Singapore Airlines, 9V-BFC and 9V-BFN are the others, together in front of the passenger terminal at Singapores Paya Lebar Airport, the old international airport. (mehr von 9V-BFW)
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9V-SQI This B.747-212B was delivered to Singapore in 1979 and bought by Olympic AW in April 1985. Since June 2002, formerly Olympic Flame SX-OAD has been parked at Bruntingthorpe, UK (mehr von 9V-SQI)
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P2-ANA Other operstors of this ex-Qantas B.707-338C: Air Arctic Iceland, ZAS Airline of Egypt, Nile Safaris Aviation Sudan, Avistair Cyprus and then converted by Grumman Aerospace to E-8C for the US Air Force (mehr von P2-ANA)
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9V-SGF One of the ten B.727 operated by Singapore Airlines, advertising the new service to the west coast in spring 1980 (mehr von 9V-SGF)
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9V-BFN Other operators of this classic: Arrow Air (USA), Gas Air Cargo, DAS Air Cargo and at least Allied Air (all Nigeria) (mehr von 9V-BFN)
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YU-AMA Other operators of this DC-10 were Shabair (Zaire), Air Liberte (France) and at least Continental Airlines (mehr von YU-AMA)


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PK-GNR This DC-9 later served for Merpati Nusantara, Midwest Express Airlines (US) and at least for Wimbi Dira Air (Congo)ways (mehr von PK-GNR)
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PK-GIE This Garuda DC-10-30 sadly crashed at Fukuoka on June, 13th in 1996, skidding 1600ft after the end of the runway (mehr von PK-GIE)
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N54639 This DC-10 later operated also as F-BTDE for UTA and at last for AOM until 2005 (mehr von N54639)
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JA8541 This DC-10-40 was operated over 25 years by Japan AL (mehr von JA8541)
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G-N94AD This Concorde jointly operated by Singapore AL and British AW, wearing Singapore AL colours on the portside (mehr von G-N94AD)
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9V-SDD SIA operated six DC-10-30 from 1979 only for a few years (mehr von 9V-SDD)
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9V-BFF The last buildt B.737-100 in the old colours of Singapore Airlines (mehr von 9V-BFF)
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9M-MBB Picture taken from the observation deck at Singapore`s Paya Lebar airport (mehr von 9M-MBB)
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VT-DVA Aircraft was sold in 1989 to the USAF for the KC-135E reengine programm (mehr von VT-DVA)
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G-N94AD This Concorde jointly operated by Singapore AL and British AW, wearing BA-colours on the starboard side (mehr von G-N94AD)