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J-055 Dutch display Falcon taking off with full burner. (mehr von J-055)
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T-235 Flypast at the Royal Netherlands Air Force airshow 2008. (mehr von T-235)
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FA-131 The special colored display Viper of the Belgian AF lights up the sky with a load of flares at the Dutch Open Days 2008. (mehr von FA-131)
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D-ABNF / The First Officer at the controls on short final to runway 'Twenty-One-Right' at Las Palmas. As you can see there is a beach near the treshold similar to a certain airport in the Caribbean... (mehr von D-ABNF)
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OH-LXL / Snowy background, engine heat and a steep angle of attack made this departure a spectacular one. (mehr von OH-LXL)
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TC-FLM / Seconds away from touch-down on 14! (mehr von TC-FLM)
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HS-TMD / Rushing down the runway and about to rotate, TMD proudly displays the airline's new look. (mehr von HS-TMD)
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HB-IQG / A demonstration of sheer power by this Airbus, yet the recently mowed field gives a rural atmosphere to the image... (mehr von HB-IQG)
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PZ-TCM / 14 of 18 wheels of the one and only Jumbo in the Surinam Airways fleet, named 'Ronald Elwin Kappel', were still in the air at the moment this picture was taken. Touch-down smoke just starts to appear behind the main gear! (mehr von PZ-TCM)
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N242NW / The early bird catches the worm...long vapor condensation trails and an absolutely beautiful sunrise made it worth getting up in the morning! (mehr von N242NW)
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PH-BFC / Back in the air, where it belongs - gear retraction in progress. (mehr von PH-BFC)
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PH-BQH / 'Hadrian's Wall' flexing its wings during rotation from the 'Polderbaan'. A few miles behind Schiphol's control tower is visible and a company Fokker just departed from the Center runway. (mehr von PH-BQH)
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PH-MCE / Sunrise in Amsterdam....really incredible to watch all the widebodies at that time of the day. The 747 at the end of the runway is a stored aircraft of European which is unfortunately about to be scrapped. (mehr von PH-MCE)
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PH-BFO / The wings of 'Orlando' bend upwards during rotation which indicates that this Jumbo was really very heavy! (mehr von PH-BFO)
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9V-SVK / 'Victor-Kilo' is on approach to runway 06 heading directly into the rising sun which unveils a lot of interesting details and reflections! (mehr von 9V-SVK)
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EY-85692 / Looks like this great airliner is in a fantastic condition, note the second Tupolev in the picture. (mehr von EY-85692)
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N751SA / An all white freighter inbound 08R, operating for Cathay Pacific Cargo. (mehr von N751SA)
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N452PA / Once again the moment of rotation has been frozen in time... (mehr von N452PA)
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B-16461 / Powerful departure from the 'Kaagbaan'. (mehr von B-16461)
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G-FCLB / Cold feet but great background...winter in Innsbruck. (mehr von G-FCLB)
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PH-XRE / A wider view of a Runway 26 departure - and a right bank just after take off! (mehr von PH-XRE)