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PR-GIK Standby for taxi clearance. Thanks friend Daniel. (mehr von PR-GIK)
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PR-GIK panned landing shot capturing finals for RWY17R (Nikon D200) (mehr von PR-GIK)
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PR-GIK if you need the trill - come to Santos Dumont ! It's so amazing to be standing some 20 metres away from an active runway while the jets takeoff and land in front of you. 30mm shot ! (Nikon D200) (mehr von PR-GIK)
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PR-GIK cleared to land downtown ! There are not many airports in the world that offer a background like this one for aviation photography. Sao Paulo might not be the most beautiful city on earth but it is definetly a great place to do what we do, as you can see (Nikon D200) (mehr von PR-GIK)