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P4-MES "Papa four Mike Echo Sierra" coming in from NCE. (mehr von P4-MES)
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P4-MES The Bandit seen arriving at Basel for the usual maintenance. (mehr von P4-MES)
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P4-MES looks a bit washed out. A repaint might not be the worst idea. (mehr von P4-MES)


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P4-MES coming in from Moscow early in the morning (7.15 local time) (mehr von P4-MES)
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P4-MES Russian billionaire Roman's Abramovich biggest flying toy,on a spectacular "night shot"sight from Princess Juliana control tower balcony, minutes before he's departure to Europe. A custom Boeing 767 luxury aircraft named "The Bandit" noticeable in he's cockpit paint detail and with unique Chestnut interiors,gold trims finishes,state of the art avionic system and calmed to be one of safest aircraft's in the world,makes the's dream plane on of the most expensive privet owned jet in the world. (mehr von P4-MES)